“Wonder Woman 1984”

She is Back and Ready to Save the World Once Again


Isaiah Prophet

Wonder Woman played by Gal Gadot. Reporter Isaiah Prophet reviews “Wonder Woman 1984” and discusses its strengths and weaknesses.

Isaiah Prophet, Reporter

Since her creation in 1941 by William Marston, Wonder Woman has been DC’s leading lady. With the new movie, “Wonder Woman 1984” comes new foes and new challenges for her to face. With her golden lasso of truth, she hopes to overcome these new threats and save the world once again. But does it compare to her 2017 debut?

In this film, we are shown Diana Prince after the events of the original movie. Instead of being staged in war-torn Europe, Diana is now living a relatively normal life, aside from the incognito crime-fighting on the side. This all changes after she encounters a wishing stone that allows her to bring back her lost boyfriend but soon finds out it comes at a terrible price.

As the movie progresses and begins to establish a plot it also develops a somewhat predictable storyline. This did detract from some of the film’s more important scenes, as by the time I reached halfway through the movie I could pretty much already tell how this film was going to run out.

The action scenes themselves were at times a bit gimmicky, however, they were still fun to watch. The same cannot be said however for some of the one-dimensional characters in the show. At first, I tried to salvage some likability for certain characters, over the film’s runtime I slowly began to simply tune them out. That’s not to say that the characters were boring, it just felt that their entire existence was based upon cliches. 

While this film was a bit cookie-cutter in some spots it still managed to hold my attention long enough for the finale. Where the buildup of the film had struggled somewhat due to the repetitive reminders of the film’s moral, the finale did provide a unique way of bringing the story to an end. 

Overall while I do believe that Wonder Woman’s glory was dulled a bit by a few weak points in the film’s plot, it was able to save itself by its creative action scenes and effective message.