Varsity Tennis Ranked First in District

Varsity Tennis Team Undefeated; Players Discuss Excitement and Preparation


Photo by Emi Cachila

Senior varsity tennis player Bryce Bailey gets ready to return a serve during a match on Sept. 24. The varsity team has played a total of 15 matches and won every one, making them undefeated. “We are definitely way more confident in our capabilities than last year, in terms of how we play this year and knowing that we could beat other teams,” Bailey said.

Isaiah Prophet, Reporter

The ball bounces back and forth from one side of the court to another. Spectators watch as the players clash, forehand, backhand, underhand, overhand, each serve more aggressive than the next. Until finally the dust settles, both players exhausted, and the victor of the tennis match is clear: Cedar Park has won- again.

The CPHS varsity tennis team has played a total of 15 matches since the beginning of their season in August, and are currently undefeated. This success means a lot more than just a few points on a scoreboard, according to senior Sruthi Keerthipati. She said that the team has been working toward this goal for three years.

“It’s felt really great to be able to achieve [an undefeated record] our senior year,” Keerthipati said. “I think that because our team has really grown up together for the majority of varsity, since we are all seniors, it feels really nice coming together as a team and finally being able to be district champs.”

It’s been a great year, the kids worked really hard through this year and throughout the summer, and they really showed it on the court.

— Tennis Coach Randy Ballenger

Attaining this title has come with multiple setbacks. However, injuries, poor matches and even just plain bad luck haven’t stopped the tennis team from succeeding, according to senior Bryce Bailey. 

“There are always setbacks in terms of training sometimes as injuries or it’s just lack of confidence,” Bailey said. “But that’s the thing about tennis, you always have to win regardless of how you’re playing or what the circumstances are. I guess my greatest asset is my ability to fight for every point and [strategize] in the big moments and, as a team, I think we are very mentally strong overall”. 

Even though the team is undefeated, players like senior Sivia Setliff feel that there are still challenges the team has yet to face, including Georgetown’s tennis team. According to Setliff, Georgetown may be the team to give CP varsity players a run for their money.

“Eventually, in the playoffs we will probably have to play Georgetown [again] if we keep winning,” Setliff said. “We play them every year and they are really good, but they don’t have the nicest people on their team, so it isn’t always the most enjoyable thing when we play them, so I’m kinda scared to play them again”.

This win streak has impressed both the players and their coach Randy Ballenger as well. Because of this success, the varsity team now qualifies to compete in the district. Ballenger said that if this keeps up, they will also be able to participate in the playoffs.

“It’s been a great year, the kids worked really hard through this year and throughout the summer, and they really showed it on the court,” Ballenger said. “We played a couple of really good teams earlier. We played Westlake and we played Georgetown, which are both two top ten teams in the state. We’ve played real hard, I haven’t been disappointed overall. We are having a great season”. 

The varsity team played in the second round of districts today and will continue tomorrow for district finals. For more information, talk to Ballenger or go to CPHS tennis.