Shoutout to my X

Multidisciplinary student balances her life by a thread


photo by Aja Steiner

Running at a steady pace, sophomore Xanthe Sparkman competes at the XC meet on Oct. 18. In addition to being a runner, Sparkman is also a model and artist. “It was my brother who really inspired me to do the sport and try my best,” Sparkman said. “So I started running in middle school and I got very good because [of] my hard work and dedication.”

Isaiah Prophet, Reporter

She’s an artist, a model and a runner. Sophomore Xanthe Sparkman does it all and according to Sparkman, she excels in all of the activities she does.

Over the course of her life she has made over thirty drawings and has raced over twenty two races and walked twelve catwalks.

Running is literally in Sparkman’s blood, her older brother also ran for the varsity cross country team. Sparkman has been part of the varsity cross country team since her freshman year and has aided her team in their win at district this year. Additionally, she has also set a new personal record and placed seventh at district.

“It’s really [due to] all the time and dedication I put into it [running cross country],” Sparkman said. “It was my brother who really inspired me to do the sport and try my best. So I started running in middle school and I got very good because [of] my hard work and dedication, pushing through difficult times and still knowing I can go faster than [I] think…when you are struggling you just have to tell yourself that you can.” 

For Sparkman, art is where she can find peace in her chaotic life and express her creativity. Colored pencils are her median of choice, she enjoys using them because of their calming texture.

“I discovered I was pretty good at [art] early on and I wanted to pursue it, I kept going and I got better,” Sparkman said. “I really enjoy doing it, I find it very relaxing and I just love to do art in my free time.” 

A rather new activity that she has picked up is modeling. Sparkman has been modeling for two years for the Austin School of Fashion Design. At this academy, according to their website, fashion designers will design clothing which they will then model on a runway show. The organization aims to give designers space and resources they need to make it in today’s fashion world.

“When I’m on the runway I feel empowered,” Sparkman said. “When I model I get to express myself and my creativity out into the world and I have an opportunity to show everyone what I’m made of.”