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A Review Over ‘Sing 2’


Photo by Isaiah Prophet

The trailers for Sing 2 brought great promises for a fun and comical film. However, after the first thirty minutes it was clear where the film was heading. I just hope this franchise won’t be back anytime soon.

Isaiah Prophet, Reporter

At this point in the film industry, seeing talking animals is far from new. “Zootopia,” “Cats” and over half of all Disney movies just to name a few. Every single one of these types of movies all follow the same tropes, and this movie is no exception, as the only real difference is the introduction of pop songs in the mix.

I do remember watching the first “Sing” movie when it came out in 2017. It was exactly what you would expect from an animated film featuring singing animals. I was hoping that this sequel would at least bring something new, like a compelling plot line. But low and behold, I was disappointed once again. 

Speaking of plot, it consists of our original band of misfits from the first film a moody porcupine, motherly pig, senile lizard, cringe monkey, the koala and a few more irrelevant additions. Our characters find themselves in a predicament as they are once again trying to impress another deranged theatre producer. They then proceed to do the exact same formula as the first film, the only difference being that the visuals have slightly improved. Not to mention the scenes that just don’t make sense at all, one scene in particular made no sense whatsoever. Such as when what looked like two hundred lemurs randomly started tap dancing on stage after not even being introduced previously. And if it sounds like a copy and paste format from the original, that’s because it is. 

Copy and pasted plot aside, what was most disappointing about this film is that it didn’t  actually give many characters that much of a trace of character development. I would think after the harmonious conclusion of the first film that at least some of the characters would show some semblance of change in maturity. Take the shy elephant for example, at the conclusion of the last film it seemed established that she had gotten over for the most part her anxiety around others. But still in this movie, she spends ninety percent if not more being an absolute nervous wreck around her love interest. 

However, given that this is a children’s movie I can give some credit where credit is due. The visuals in this film were on par with much better films such as ‘Zootopia’, and this is especially handy in the final scene where the gang puts on their show for real. As for the song choices, while I am aware that this is again a children’s film, it wouldn’t hurt to add a few more relevant hits that charted recently, rather than nearly a decade ago.

Overall, I don’t actually think this film is completely terrible. The lazy character writing and identical plot are major drag factors, but I will admit there were a few cool scenes. I just felt this film needed something new that wasn’t a plagiarized trope from other films. I give it a two out of five and recommend it to anyone looking for background noise.