Band Takes Home Fifth Place Title at Bands of America


Macy Loyd

Band took on Bands of America in Indianapolis and took home fifth place.

Band traveled to Indianapolis to compete in the Bands of America Grand Nationals competition on Nov. 8 and came back with the title of fifth in the nation and first in the state.

The students in band had been working on their performance and practicing for this competition since late July.

“We put in a lot of effort, and there was a lot of practicing on our own outside of rehearsal,” senior, euphonium player Josh Minjarez said. “Going outside during summer is pretty awful, but excellence is our goal, and we know that without pain we won’t achieve it.”

There were hundreds of bands from around the nation performing at BOA, making the competition for CP quite intense.

“It was weird for once competing in a competition where we had no idea how we would place,” Minjarez said.

Even though there were many competitors, CP still took home the fifth place title.

“It feels amazing [placing in nationals],” senior, tuba player Zach Bailey said. “Winning state last year was a huge accomplishment for us, and to be to travel to Indianapolis the following year and really prove ourselves on a national scale… it’s incredible.”

The drive up to Indianapolis in a charter bus took band around 22 hours, but it was still fun, according to Bailey.

“Yeah, it [the bus ride] was long, but the experience was still great,” Bailey said. “One of the best parts was trying to walk up and down the aisles when they were full of bags, backpacks and yes, people.”

Although winning is a favorite among most people, for junior, drum major Tyra Thompson it was the feeling after performing a great show.

“After nailing it at grand nationals, walking off the field was honestly the best feeling in the whole world,” Thompson said. “I couldn’t stop smiling for like a solid 30 minutes.”

For the seniors, like snare drum player Matt Johnson, this was their final performance in a major competition all together.

“I’m going to miss performing in that monster of a stadium,” Johnson said. “It was so cool playing on the field and watching other bands play as well. Plus, as a senior, that was the place where I had my final performance, so it has a little soft spot in my heart.”