Celebs showcase annual Holiday Show

Emilee Guernsey, Editor

The second year of the Holiday Show, hosted by the Celebrities, took place on Dec. 3 at 7 p.m.  This years show consisted of dances not only from the Celebrities, but from different school clubs and even some of the faculty.

Some of the teachers volunteered for the faculty dance, including biology teacher Adam Babich.

“I love Cedar Park and I think it is a good thing for teachers to be a part of extracurricular events around the school,” Babich said. “It means a lot to the students when they see their teachers show up to one of their events.”

Celebrity, junior Sara Baldazo liked how a lot of people in the school could be in the show if they wished.

“My favorite part of the show was the fact that the whole school could get involved,” Baldazo said. “It brought everyone together for the holidays.”

Many clubs were a part of the show, such as Spanish Club and Spanish Honor Society. Senior and Spanish Club member, Claire Cantrell, participated in the routine Spanish Club made, but especially liked the faculty dance.

“The faculty dance was really funny and the teachers worked really hard to rehearse for it,” Cantrell said. “I also loved the idea of representing Spanish club with Christmas spirit.”

While Cantrell believes the teachers rehearsed quite a bit for their performance, Babich explained that he wished he had practiced more.

“Everyone had a great time, and it is great to be silly, but I know Lippie and I wished we had practiced more,” Babich said. “But hey, it was a great time and all the faculty involved absolutely loved the experience.”

The Celebrities had the chance to meet with a professional choreographer to learn some of the dances they performed, according to Baldazo.

“[After meeting with the choreographer,] we cleaned the dances up and practiced them until they were performance ready,” Baldazo said. “Personally, I just tried not to psych myself out. Performances are nerve racking, but I have faith in my team and we always pull through.”

Looking at next year’s Holiday Show, Baldazo hopes more people get involved.

“I don’t really wish anything was different,” Baldazo said. “But I hope that in the future the show grows to involve more of the student body, faculty and gets the community together.”