Coffee for a cause


Collyn Burke

NHS members carrying donation boxes gather around for a picture at the Roaster’s fundraiser. On Wed. Dec. 9 NHS raised $80 for the Basdrop fire relief efforts. “It was great to see all of the people who came out,” senior NHS vice president Claire Cantrell said. “Roasters is such an intimate space that makes it seem more personal. ”

Avery Deen, Reporter

On Wednesday, Dec. 9 at the Roasters coffee shop, National Honor Society held a fundraiser raising money to aid victims of the Bastrop fires. There was also a performance by the GNP improv troupe, a branch of PNG which is no longer a school sponsored association.

Prospective member freshman Olivia Cantrell attended the event with her sister and some of her friends.

“I really loved the show and the setting. It felt cool to be in a place outside of school and out in the community,” Cantrell said. “To support them I bought some drinks and donated a ton of my change, I also told a ton of friends to come.”

The event took place from seven to nine p.m., and many NHS members, such as junior Dean Torkleson, attended and greatly enjoyed the skits and coffee.

“I always enjoy watching the ‘Devil’s Workshop’ game, and this time it didn’t fail to impress. I enjoy it because it’s hard for the performers to reach a dead end when twice the number of people are trying to drive the action,” Torkleson said.  “I haven’t been a part of NHS for very long, in fact, aside from induction and cleaning up Milburn a while back, this is the only NHS event I’ve attended. I’m not sure how it compares to others like it, but if they hold more shows by GNP, I’ll be happy to go.”

The GNP group was glad for the opportunity to perform, according to senior NHS Vice president and GNP member Claire Cantrell.

“My favorite part of preforming at Roaster’s was that it’s such an intimate space and the shows seem more personal,” Cantrell said. “My favorite skit that we played on Wednesday was musical improv. It’s usually really hard to do but we were able to make it work.”

The fundraiser went well, and NHS made $80 for the fire relief efforts. NHS has declared it a success and overall Cantrell and others enjoyed themselves greatly.

“I stayed back for a while and talked about our performance with my fellow members while enjoying a delicious smoothie,” Cantrell said. “It was great to see all of the people who came out.”