Broadcast to Debut Variety Show


Houston Fuller, Reporter

For the past few years the talent show has been the biggest production of the year for the Broadcast team, but this year they are trying something different. Inspired by popular tonight shows like “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon” and “The Late Late Show with James Corden,” CP Tonight will have various skits and games like Carpool Karaoke and Box of Lies.

“We want to make this show drift away from the talent show we have done in the past,” Executive producer Zach Burleson said. “While that show was great in past years, we’ve seen it go down in quality. With the new layout, we are planning to have skits and shows that feature students and teachers. We hope to make it more fun than the talent show.”

The show will take place on May 19 in the PAC and will feature various games and skits involving students and teachers.

“Some of the games we are planning to do are Carpool Karaoke which is really popular around YouTube because of these night show hosts,” Burleson said. “We also want to do dance battles between students and teachers, and something called ‘Box of Lies’.