FCCLA Advances to State


Deana Trautz

FCCLA culinary and multiple groups are advancing to state that will take place in Dallas in April.

Victoria Sananikone, Reporter

Family, Career and Community Leaders of America, more commonly known as FCCLA, is an organization that gives hardworking, passionate high school students an outlet to explore their creative endeavors while bonding with other students who share the same passions. The CPHS culinary class competed in an FCCLA competition in Corpus Christi on Feb 27. Out of the eight students who competed, four of them are advancing to state. The culinary team who placed 3rd out of 42 teams consisted of senior Allison McCarty, senior Amanda Eskew and senior Natyira Williams.

“We had a set menu of a three course meal that we had to fulfill in a time limit of an hour while also demonstrating specific skills, like knife cuts and sautéing,” McCarty said. “The menu for the regional competition was a wedge salad with blue cheese dressing, sautéed button mushrooms, pan fried chicken breast with pan roasted red potatoes, cream gravy, and sautéed asparagus, and banana pudding for dessert.”

The team was judged on the execution of the meal, the cleanliness of the station while they were cooking, communication between the team and how the plating for the meal looked when their time ran out.

“For state we’re really hoping to get into the top three again so we can move onto nationals,” Eskew said. “We haven’t really started preparing for state yet since we don’t have the recipe. It’s more of us mentally preparing ourselves because it really is exhausting and extremely hard on your nerves. State is in April so we still have plenty of time to prepare for it. We are super excited and cannot wait to see what state brings us.”

Senior Kameron Grimball went solo and competed in a mystery basket event where he placed 6th out of 21 students. Given an avocado, a filet mińon and a carrot, he had 20 minutes to plan what he wanted to prepare and then 40 minutes to cook a protein, starch and vegetable along with the ingredients he was provided. Placing 6th at regionals and state last year, Grimball aims to advance his rank at state which is the last time he will have the opportunity to place higher.

“I’m practicing both at home and school,” Grimball said. “Chef Hernandez has bettered my skills and will continue to help me improve. My mom is very supportive and is getting me to practice at home. She’ll throw random ingredients my way and tell me to make something. Not only am I practicing, but she doesn’t have to cook dinner.”

Other than the Culinary class, other groups involved in FCCLA are advancing to state. The results include:

1st place Fashion Design- Sophie Astronoto

3rd place Focus on Children- Casey Stiles, Allison Paules, Megan Cera

1st place Life Event Planning- Kira Knodel, Hannah McClure

3rd place Focus on Children: Alyssa Erben, Kristin Knight, Maddison Schneider

Regional Officer- Megan Sullivan

FCCLA will compete at state in April at Dallas. If you find yourself around that area during that time you should stop buy and support them.