Fun Run for Stacy Danielson


Cassie King

Students of CP were also seen at the Fun Run.

Anjali Sundaram, Reporter

The sun rises as the gates to the CPHS track opens. Around 200 people filter in with numbers plastered on their backs and big smiles on their faces. They were ready to support.

On Sat. Sep. 17, people from all around Cedar Park came to support Celebrities coach Stacy Danielson, who was diagnosed with cancer earlier this year. Before Cross Country’s annually hosted Cedar Park XC Invitational, XC hosted a Fun Run and all proceedings went to Danielson.

“It was important for us to help Mrs. Danielson because she is going through a tough time and as part of the community we just need to do everything we can to show our support for her,” boy’s XC captain, senior Sam Walters said.

While the team did host the run, they didn’t actually participate because of their competitive meet right after, according to sophomore Sophia Roach.

“We had competitive races following the run but the Fun Run was a huge success in helping raise funds for Team Stacy’s fight against cancer,” Roach said.

According to girl’s Captain Sarah Pia, the meet was a success, both with the Fun Run and with the Invitational as well.

“It was a success because a lot of people woke up early just to support Mrs. Danielson,” Pia said. “I don’t know how much was raised, but I do know that over 200 people signed up for the run.”

Danielson has been with CP for many years, and honoring her is important according to Pia.

“Since both our teams [cross country teams, boys and girls] are highly ranked in the state, we have a lot of publicity on us right now,” Pia said. “We wanted to use the publicity positively by raising awareness to cancer and help Mrs. Danielson fight cancer.”