GSA and NPFH spread the love with Valentines for all


Avery Deen

During A lunch on Friday Feb. 12, GSA president junior Cindy Orr hands out valentine’s to students at the attendance office. During both A and B lunch GSA and NPFH members passed out valentines cards to students around the school, they also passed them out to teachers in the morning. “The teachers were really excited and thankful and handing them out to the staff was really fun,” Orr said.” Some of the students were excited too, it was a little more awkward to hand them out, but it got better as we went along. Some of them reacted just as awkward as we felt.”

Avery Deen, Reporter

On Friday Feb. 12, the Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) and No Place For Hate (NPFH) clubs handed out valentines cards to students and staff around campus.

“We wanted a new project to work on and thought that the valentines would be fun and could make people’s day,” said GSA president junior Cindy Orr.

With the two clubs combined efforts, it took around four hours to make the valentines. They bought the cards from Randalls and then wrote one each one “To you! from GSA/NPFH” and put a temporary tattoo or sticker inside each one. The total number of cards made neared 500, with 100 being set aside for teachers. Junior CW Ko enjoyed helping hand out the valentines to teachers in the morning before school.

“The teachers were super receptive and enthusiastic and it was really fun,” Ko said. “It was more awkward with the students, but it was still cool and some people were really happy to get them. Several students were really excited and some came up to me later to show me they put on the tattoos.”

The clubs were pleasantly surprised by how receptive the students were about receiving the valentines which they passed out during the A and B lunches.

“I expected the students to just throw them out but I was was very pleased when I saw people actually using the tattoos,” said sophomore Cassidy Peña.

Orr hopes to make the valentines an annual project and improve upon it each year.

“Our next project is getting ready for the Day of Silence in April,” Orr said. “We’re going to try to make it a more school-wide event and we’re planning on handing out stickers and info cards to anyone who wants to participate.”