HOSA Club Earns Recognition


Deena Ismail

Juniors Nisha Raan, Mallory Matthys, Cathy Nguyen, and Cristina O’Hanlon won 5th place in the HOSA bowl at the HOSA Area 1 Spring Conference.

Jordy Peterson, Reporter

What exactly is HOSA?

HOSA stands for Health Occupation Students of America. It’s a club for students who are interested in going into the medical field in the future. Club members learn all about the many professions in health care and how to pursue their ideal career.

“[People should take HOSA next year because] it’s a really good way to meet new people who are also interested in being a healthcare professional,” senior Secretary Nicole Mutton said. “Competition isn’t necessary, but it’s an amazing opportunity for those who are passionate about their event and want to possibly earn scholarships.”

On Jan. 14, Cedar Park students attended the HOSA Area 1 Spring Leadership Conference in San Antonio. At the conference, HOSA members participated in various competitive events, with events ranging anywhere from Dental Science to Home Health Aide.

Mallory Matthys (11), Cathy Nguyen (11), Christina O’Hanlon (11), and Nisha Raan (11) all won 5th place in the HOSA bowl. Taking 5th place in Home Health Aide, was sophomore Kristin Knight. Ridah Shaik (11), took 5th place in Extemporaneous Writing. Scoring 5th place in CERT, were Deena Ismail (12) and Preethi Keerthipati (12). Nicole Mutton (12), won 2nd place in Dental Science, and will advance to the state competition.

“Competing is a great way to learn more about a profession or topic in the medical field that you find interesting or want to gain some basic experience in,” said sophomore Kristin Knight. “It’s lots of fun because you get to meet people from tons of other schools that are also excited about the medical field.”

Deena Ismail (12) and Preethi Keerthipati (12) participated in CERT skills in which they splinted a closed fracture and conducted a head to toe assessment in front of judges. Nicole Mutton (12) competed in Dental Science, so she mastered the skills of brushing, flossing, and identifying dental instruments.

“For my competitive event, HOSA Bowl, my team did not think that we placed,” said junior HOSA Vice President Mallory Matthys. “So at the closing ceremony, when they announced our name for 5th place, we were ecstatic. We all stood up and screamed and practically ran to the stage. We were very happy. It was the first time in our HOSA history that a HOSA bowl team placed.”