Philosophy club expands their minds


Avery Deen

Club co-founder sophomore Marley McDaniels and freshman Katherine Sychev listen intently as sophomore Helen Vidrine talks about her perspective on reality. “It was somewhat mind-numbing but also really fun,” Vidrine said.

Avery Deen, Reporter

There is a new club to add to the roster. The philosophy club is now officially up and running, engaging in discussions and pondering different theories.

“Most of  the time we have planned discussions,” club president and sophomore Claudia Sychev said. “We ask questions and then argue the given topics.”

Some topics they discuss are reality and identity. They also cover various philosophers, and the history of philosophy. Students can also submit requests for specific topics on the clubs website.

“People should think about different ideas in philosophy,” Sychev said. “I would like people to consider things they’re normally weary of.”

One member who is looking forward to opening up her mind to new ideas and perspectives and learning about different viewpoints is sophomore Helen Vidrine.

“It is a business-like environment to openly talk about our opinions,” Vidrine said. “We express our opinions about a lot of things”

They are also enjoying the way they can be taken seriously in discussions where their opinion may normally be looked over.

“People usually discount our opinion because we are young or not mature enough to have an opinion,” Vidrine said. “I think that when people see that we really respect each others opinions and get a sense of enjoyment out of hearing opposing sides, they realize that just because we young or not at the top of the class rank doesn’t mean our opinion has no power.”

The club meets every other Wednesday at 7:55 a.m. in room E102.

“Anyone is welcome,” Sychev said. “You don’t need any prior knowledge. We just hope this will help you become more open minded.”

Anyone interested in the club can find more information at