RoboLobos raise money at chili cookoff


Avery Deen

The RoboLobo’s revealed their robot made to lift and stack boxes at the Chili Cook-Off on Feb. 15 in the cafeteria. The robot was created to compete in “Recycle Rush” at the Alamo Regional Competition on Mar. 11-15. “[At the cook-off] we got to show it in action. It wasn’t staged,” said team member Connor Nesbitt. “We were testing. We showed them how it works instead of just giving a presentation.”

Avery Deen, Reporter

The RoboLobos hosted a chili cook-off on Feb. 15 to raise funds and reveal their latest creation. It was held from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. in the cafeteria, where they raised $600 in entry fees and donations, as well as $350 in t-shirt sales.

“The chili cook-off was a huge success,” junior Head of Mechanics Kristen Grimm said. “We had a lot of people come out to see the robot and eat chili.”

The winner of the cook-off was junior robotics team member Connor Nesbitt, who made a gluten free chili. The winning chili was determined by how many donations it received and his chili raised $30.

“I entered because I enjoy making food for others,” Nesbitt said. “I was super excited, I couldn’t believe I won.”

At the cook off, the RoboLobos introduced their latest creation, a robot made to pick up and stack boxes. This robot will be used to compete in a game called “Recycle Rush” at the Alamo Regional Competition on Mar. 11-15.

“The reveal went well,” senior President David Bonsall said. “We were in the process of fine tuning things, so there was a lot of tweaking as we went on, but overall it went pretty smoothly.”

The robot revel helped drivers junior Brendan Bosse and junior Head of Electronics David Rocha to practice controlling their robot before they went to competition.

“The cook-off allowed us to get some driving practice and figure out if we needed to tweak anything on the robot,” Grimm said. “We had a few issues with the lifting mechanism but we have it fixed now.”

Last year they made it all the way to the FRC World Championship and won Rookie All Star and Rookie High Seed. This year they hope to continue that legacy and make it to worlds again.

“Our robot is fantastic, we’re definitely going to make it to worlds,” Nesbitt said.  “We went to worlds as rookies last year and we hope to continue that.”