Student Council’s voices are heard

Savannah Burchfiel

At a Student Council meeting, you can expect to hear the voices of involved students bouncing off the walls. Despite the commotion of ideas, the students remain controlled, focused, and to the point.

The organization has not let recent changes, including a new structure and new members, interfere with their goals for the year.

“Running as a club instead of a strictly structured group is new to us,” sponsor Jim Tarvin said. “We’ve had some disappointments, but we are still a strong group.”

Two prominent members of that group include newly-elected Freshman Class President Maria Tangarova and Freshman Class Vice President Tristan Kuhn. The pair has aspirations for both Student Council and the school as a whole.

“You can expect me to be very involved,” Tangarova said. “I want to showcase the student’s ideas to improve the school.”

Kuhn sees existing strengths that can prospectively help the group complete its goals.

“We have strengths in working as a team,” Kuhn said. “When we brainstorm, we build on each other. That’s the most important thing.”

Although new to the school, the freshman officers have generated ideas on how school activities can be improved. Their voices are heard as loudly as those of veteran members.

“There’s always room for improvement,” Tangarova said. “This year, we want to build school spirit and make things run more smoothly.”

Attempting to spark school spirit and involvement, Student Council has taken the fall semester by storm with school-wide courtyard socials and fundraisers, including the annual Trunk-or-Treat.

“We motivate school activity through competition,” Junior Class President Dave Hawks said. “When someone is judging, there is more creative effort.”

Hawks recognizes that Student Council’s presence on campus can have a positive impact on the entire school.

“Wherever we set the bar, that’s how it will end up,” Hawks said. “We have the whole school as our canvas.”