The Locker opens up a new resource for students in need


Paige Hert

The Locker Project is currently planning events at which one could donate items to the cause, but no dates have been solidly set as of right now. The goal of the Locker is to bring needed supplies to students that may not have access to them. “It feels like we can make a difference in our school and community- it feels like we’re a part of something bigger,” junior Cindy Orr said. “I love the idea of helping people in a way that makes them feel comfortable and maintains as much dignity and normalcy as we can.”

Avery Deen, Reporter

A new branch of the Locker Project, or the Locker, has recently been started here at CPHS. The Locker is a student run program that started in Georgetown and has begun to spread, the aim of the Locker is to provide school supplies and necessities to students who may not have other ways of getting them. The ultimate goal of the project is to have a sort of “free store” on campus were students could go and acquire any items they may not have access to regularly. The main items they aim to have available for students are school supplies and hygiene products.

“This will ultimately help our school by giving all students the tools they need for learning and have a more fair, organized, and hygienic environment,” sophomore J.P. Reuter said. “My favorite part about being a part of this is having the opportunity to help set up something that will have a positive impact on other students lives.”

Eventually, the project aims to make it so items such as clothes and shoes can be specially ordered.

“I hope the locker becomes a place where everyone can feel comfortable going to grab whatever they need and that they feel okay asking for bigger items too,” junior Cindy Orr said. “I hope that we can stop the negative stigma of shame that can come with asking for or accepting help.”

President of the club, sophomore Katelyn Gaus enjoys running the club and is excited to see the long term effects of the project.

“It’s really cool to run this club because I know it will still be a big part of this school even after the current members graduate,” Gaus said. “I’ve always seen it as my job to help those in need, and the Locker really is there for anyone who needs something.”

For updates on the Locker Project, you can follow their twitter account @thelockercphs or stop by their meetings, the next of which will be during den the Monday following Spring Break. The Locker is also taking new item donations which can be put in the collection box in the front office.