The Rain is coming to Cedar Park


Emilee Guernsey

The cast of Singing in the Rain warms up before practicing their tap dancing skills. Sophomore Alexa Clinton shared that the tap dancing for this year is much different from last year. “I re-taught everyone the tap, which is now changed,” Clinton said. “This is what’s going to take out a lot of our energy.”

Emilee Guernsey, Reporter

Singing in the Rain is a Broadway classic and Cedar Park High School’s theater group will be performing this musical in January 2015.

Many students are involved in the performance of this musical. Sophomore Alexa Clinton is very excited and is pleased with how many roles are available.

“The show has lots of tiny rolls for everyone,” Clinton said. “It’s a lot better compared to last year, which only had two main roles.”

There is much enthusiasm from all the theater students. Sophomore Nicki Dipietro has noticed all the excitement floating around the cast.

“Everyone’s hyped, no matter how nervous we are,” Dipietro said. “We all get really close so it’s even better knowing you’re going on stage with your family right by your side.”

The production will be starting in January, and the cast will be practicing for the next three months.

Theater teacher Jerry Blake is hoping many people show up to watch the performance. She is very proud of all the students in the performance and knows that they will do well.

“I’m hoping for a full house,” Blake said. “The musical is very popular. We are the first Leander ISD school to do this production.”