TimberTeach tutors students


Student tutor junior Dean Torkleson works on math homework with some other students in the TimberTeach DEN period. “I hope that this program will become a beacon of hope to anyone struggling in any class,” Torkleson said.

Avery Deen, Reporter

English teacher Chris Young and a group of student leaders have recently founded a new organization called TimberTeach. TimberTeach is a league of tutors that aim to provide aid to any student who needs it.

“We believe it will create a better learning environment because it’s not just teachers saying, ‘Do this, learn this, come in for help.’ Instead it’s students getting together saying, ‘Hey I can help you, let’s learn this together,’” junior Claudia Sychev said. “It creates a better environment for people to get together and learn things.”

Currently, they are attempting to build up their pool of tutors, they aim to have 50 tutors whose knowledge spans across several subjects, hopefully by the end of the year. Students interested in becoming a tutor can sign up for the tutoring time and talk to one of the student leaders, such as junior Dean Torkelson, or talking to Young.

“So far we have almost 20 tutors, and that number is growing daily,” Torkelson said. “We have tutors in every core subject, and our repertoire of subjects is growing with every new tutor we get.”

By next year, the program aims to be further ingrained in the working of the school and be easily accessible for both students and teachers in need of help. Currently, the student tutors are available during DEN in the library and students who are struggling can sign up to go in for help in the DEN portal.

“I thinks that TimberTeach will help increase grades overall and make kids more confident in both giving and receiving help,” said senior Claire Cantrell. “I personally tutor for Algebra 1, Spanish 1-3 and any social studies classes. I think it’s a great skill to be able to help your peers.”

As of right now, the team is attempting to create a class for the tutors next year so that teachers who are in need of tutors will be able to pull student tutors from that period, and students in need will be able to receive aid at different times throughout day.

“When a student comes in we’re assuming they’re going to come in like ‘Hey I need help with math,’ or whatever, and I for one like to tutor in math so if a student needs it, I could help them with that,” Sychev said. “If it’s just anything I think I understand myself and someone else doesn’t I would feel comfortable and welcome to help them. If I can help people get comfortable with the material and establish study habits, then that’s great.”

Sign up for “TimberTeach – Tutoring for Math, English, Science and Social Studies” if you find yourself needing help in any class, and if you are interested in applying to be a student tutor talk to Young or email him at [email protected]