Younglife’s Polar Bear Brings Schools Together For A Weekend Retreat

Students From Across The District Headed Over To New Braunfels For a Weekend of Games and God


Photo Courtesy of Kennedi Lemmond

Sydney Miner, Reporter

Young Life had their annual Polar Bear retreat this past weekend from Jan. 12-14 at the T Bar M camp in New Braunfels. Throughout the weekend they sang songs, danced, met new people from other schools and grades, played games and talked about God with the pastor and their cabins mates.

“My favorite part was just being with other kids from all over Austin in all grades, and singing loud and going crazy,” freahman Cade Haught said.

Normally at the end of the weekend they jump into cold water, but because of the change in location they weren’t able to. They were still able to have lots of fun and had a paint war at the end of the weekend.

“My favorite part of the weekend was the paint and flour war we had,” junior Kennedi Lemmond said. “We threw water balloons, flour, then colorful water at other people.”

Along with the paint war that they had, they also had a dance party among all of the schools. They played a variety of types of music from 90’s pop hits to modern country, according to junior Kaitlyn Heins.

“It was a good time to just let loose with my friends and have fun,” Heins said.

Many participants say that the Polar Bear weekend means a lot to them. Sophomore Lily Galer says she loved being able to open up with their cabin mates and mess around, while growing in their faith.

“The reason I love polar bear is because everyone is so nice and open, so I can be myself,” Galer said. “Every morning and night we had club and I didn’t have to think twice about anyone judging me.”