A Freezing Spring

Theater Department Prepare for ‘Frozen Jr’ Performance


Photo by Sarah Johnson

At the end of march, choir presented a magical performance featuring many Disney princesses and their friends. This April, Anna and Elsa are coming back with the theatre department with Frozen jr. “Come see this show to remember a well loved movie from our childhoods,” Brant said. “It’s also a great show for kids and a chance for them to see their favorite Disney princesses.”

Sofya Bashirova, Reporter

Birds chirping, flowers blossoming and sunshine rays everywhere tell us that spring is coming. But this is not the case in the theater department, where students are working hard to bring back winter wonderland with the magical story of “Frozen.”

Retelling the well-known, classic princess story about two sisters, one of which has magic powers that get out of control and what she and her sister will have to overcome to get everything back to normal, the theater students cater to their youngest spectators in an exciting night full of magic.

“For this play, I will be playing the role of Olaf and I couldn’t be more excited to play this well loved character,” senior and cast member Daisy Brant said. “Some of the things that I’m most excited about putting on a production like this are the new relationships and friendships created.”

This show has been on the minds of the actors and directors for two years, according to Brant, and it is finally coming together, giving an opportunity to many new actors to perform their first high school role. Freshman Abby Williams is one of those students, getting to perform in a high school show for the first time after getting plenty of practice in technical jobs behind the scenes through the year.

“For this show I will be an ensemble member, which means that I will be a townsperson most of the time during the show,” freshman and cast member Abby Williams said. “I have only done technical jobs so far this year, so I am very excited to be a part of the musical as a performer for the first time in high school.”

Even though attending rehearsals after a long day of school can sometimes seem overwhelming, the actors learned a lot of new techniques and stage skills to put into practice, according to Williams.

“Sometimes there are difficulties with blocking during the show, which is the ways and directions the actors move during a show,” Williams said. “But this problem can be easily fixed with time and paying attention at rehearsals.”

Apart from mastering their performing skills, actors also have the opportunity to help out with the behind- the- scenes preparation as well, learning more about the technical part of theater arts. According to Williams, technical difficulties were not scarce, so knowing how to solve them really came in handy for not only this, but also further plays that she may find herself working on.

“Being a co-lighting designer showed me that tech members have a lot on their plates during the show, especially the scenic designer,” Williams said. “With a lot of hard work and creativity, they put together what the set is going to look like for the show.”

And as in everything else, the crew members had to overcome the multiple inconveniences and hardships thrown their way, such as adding everything together at the last rehearsals, but working together as a team, they were able to overcome this challenges fairly easily, according to Jordan.

“Wrapping everything up at the end was very hectic, especially putting all the scenes that we had been rehearsing separately out of order together and adding the tech side of things to the performance,” freshman Katelyn Jordan said. “And even though there are always improvements at the end, the learning experience that we got to share together is a great moment of being in a musical.”

Fun, family-friendly and lighthearted, this musical is meant to transport everyone into the frozen world and experience the true magic of this loved show by all generations, according to Brant.

“I believe more people should come see this show because it’s such a well loved movie from our childhoods which could bring some great nostalgia,” Brant said. “It’s also a great show for kids and a chance for them to get to see their favorite Disney characters.”

If interested in watching the play, check it out on April the 22nd, 23rd or 24th, and visit the theater webpage for more information.