Back In The Ring

Review on New Movie “Creed III”


Photo By: Penny Moreno

The popular series of movies “Creed” released their third movie “Creed III” on Mar. 3. The movie stars famous actor Michael B. Jordan where he plays the main character Adonis Creed. The “Creed” movies are a continuation of the story and characters from the “Rocky” series in 1976. I would recommend this movie to anyone who watched all of the “Rocky” movies or just loves a good action movie.

Penny Moreno, Reporter

Standing in the ring, he stares down his opponent in preparation for his upcoming boxing match. He then stands in his corner thinking about all of the training and hard work he has put in to get him here. Every fan in the stadium stands on their feet shouting “Creed, Creed, Creed…” Then the starting bell rings.

The new movie “Creed III” was released on March 3, and is one out of three movies in the “Creed” series. It is a somewhat continuation of the “Rocky” movies released in 1976, the “Creed” movies focus on the son of Apollo Creed named Adonis Creed, Adonis’s father Apollo was a famous boxer that faced Rocky Balboa in “Rocky III”.

The first movie explains small bits of Adonis Creed’s childhood and the hardships he had to face as a young kid. He then is taken out of juvie by Apollo Creed’s Wife; his own mother died when he was a small child. Mary Anne Creed then raises Adonis and he ultimately discovers his love for boxing just like his father.

I really enjoyed the first few movies. I love watching movies with an underdog or someone no one expects to win. I thought Michael B. Jordan did an amazing job of showcasing Adonis’s emotions and how he developed throughout the movies. The first two movies also feature Rocky, played by Sylvester Stallone, where Rocky trained Adonis for his fights in the first two movies. Unfortunately, he was not featured in the third movie and I was definitely disappointed because I think he is a big part of the story as well.

The third movie focuses more about Adonis as a mature adult, he now has a family and was looking to retire. More information is shared about his childhood and what he had to go through in his life. Someone from his past comes back into his life and threatens him and everything he has worked towards and cares about. This leads him out of retirement and back in the ring.

I liked this movie a lot, I thought that it went in a different direction than the last two movies which I appreciated. Don’t get me wrong I loved the first two movies but the third movie showed more of a vulnerable side to Adonis that hadn’t been shown before. Unlike the first or second movie, Jordan was one of the producers of the third movie. Which I am guessing is a part of the reason the movie went in a different direction. I also enjoyed that Adonis’s family was a big part of the movie and the audience was able to see more about his life and not just him training for a fight.

I also really enjoyed the boxing scenes. They’re probably one of my favorite parts of the movie. I feel that everyone who contributed to making the movie did a fantastic job at making it feel like an experience that not only Adonis is going through. Like I said previously, Adonis’s character matures a lot in the latest movie and I feel like he almost grows up more after every movie.

I would recommend this movie to anyone who loves a good coming up story and enjoys a good action movie. You have to watch the first and second movies to be able to completely understand the third and I would also recommend those as well. I thought the movie was pretty intense but I loved how the story built up and left the audience on the edge of their seats.

I rate the movie a 7.5/10