CPHS Presents: The Phantom of the Opera

Collyn Burke, Reporter

Cedar Park’s theatre department moves to its winter musical: “The Phantom of the Opera.” The beloved Andrew Lloyd Webber musical will be a first for both the school, and for the award ceremony GAHSMTA, Great Austin High School Musical Theatre Awards. The show will be performed Jan. 14-17 by the elated cast and crew.
The classical musical revolves around a young opera singer, and a phantom who haunts the opera house. Providing both drama and humor, the show elicits a range of emotions from it’s audience.
“Phantom was one of my first musicals,” sophomore Abigail Holtfort said. “I saw the movie when I was young and fell in love with the songs, though I didn’t understand the beautiful complexity of the show. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve only come to appreciate the show more, as I now understand the characters.”
For Holtfort, who plays the primadonna Carlotta Giudicelli this will be her first lead on the PAC stage. She has been training vocally for years to take on such a role like Carlotta, which is arguably the toughest singing role in the musical.
“I am so excited for the vocals in this show. Carlotta has such a challenging part, which will push me to develop my skills and voice,” Holtfort said. “I am looking forward to the costumes. Phantom has such beautiful costumes, and it really brings the show together.”
Along with Carlotta, the two main leads are The phantom, played by sophomore Daniel Williamson, and Christine, played by Savannah Theisen.
“This is a type of role I’ve actually never played before,” Theisen said. “The damsel in distress is new to me, so I aim to find deeper levels in the character to portray.”
Alongside Theisen, Daniel Williamson will play the ever alluring Phantom of the opera. He recently played the lead in CPHS’s “The Illusion” which was performed Oct. 31, so he knows the tough hours of a lead.
“The hours of work required will be tiresome,” Williamson said. “They’re essential to put on a performance good enough to do justice to such an amazing musical.”
Along with the performance, the actors are looking forward to the 3rd annual GAHSMTA, an award ceremony that functions like the Tony’s, there are categories for acting, shows, directors, dance, and tech.
“The GAHSTMAs are something I am so looking forward to,” Holtfort said. “It’s such an amazing opportunity for kids in this community to connect, and show the world our love for musical theatre.”
In the next two months, the cast is prepared to put in hard work and a lot of dedication.
“I can’t wait to do this show,” Williamson said. “It has amazing potential, and so does the CPHS theatre department.”

“The Phantom of the Opera” will be performed in the PAC, Jan. 14-17. You can buy your tickets on the theatre web page now, general admission- $12, students/seniors- $8, and kids under 12- $5.