Humans of CP: Alex Goodwin


Amy Goodwin/Bryan Goodwin

Alex Goodwin (4) battles it out on the basketball court on the Cedar Park Middle School team.

Perry Jamail, Reporter

Weaving his way through defenders and putting up points for the boy’s junior varsity basketball team, sophomore Alex Goodwin is very talented on the court.

Ever since Goodwin was in the sixth grade, he has taken basketball very seriously, knowing that it’s the sport he loves. When asked about the funniest thing he’s done on the basketball court, Goodwin explained how he once got a technical foul for taunting an opposing player in an unusual way.

“Ok, so we were beating the crap out of this team and I stole the ball from this kid,” Goodwin said. “I started dribbling and he grabbed my leg and [the refs] called a foul. We got up in each other’s faces and I said ‘I’m in your head’.”