Librarian and principal start new tech support class


Emilee Guernsey

The application is located on librarian, Debby Barnes’s website.

Emilee Guernsey, Reporter

Students have a new class to look forwards to next year, a class where they can troubleshoot the new laptops incoming freshmen will receive. It’s called mLISD Tech Leaders, “m” standing for mobile, and librarian Debby Barnes will be in charge of it.

“These kids will be like the Apple Genius Bar,” Barnes said. “They will be doing around the same things, just with the lenovo laptops instead of Macs.”

The class will take place in the library, and students with the laptops will be able to come in on certain periods during the school day for help with any problem involving the lenovos.

Students such as junior Brenden Bosse, are excited to be taking the class.

“I love the idea of helping people with technology,” Bosse said. “It will help me better my communication skills and expand my knowledge on technology.”

The decision to make this class was made by principal John Sloan. Sloan believed the class would be a good idea because it’s going to support the technology initiatives on campus.

“Next year teachers will be incorporating a lot more technology in their classrooms with the new laptops,” Sloan said. “This tech class will be able to provide support to the students and staff.”

LISD has initiated this class in order to help with the roll out of the laptops.

“The class will sort of mimic what Leander High School has,” Barnes said. “They’re called Liontech, and next year the students who take this class will be able to come up with a fun name like that too.”

Students taking this class will have the opportunity to build a program from the ground up.

“Students will have a voice in what the program will look like,” Sloan said. “They will be able to get a real world experience in working at a tech support center.”

If anyone wants to join this class go see your counselor and fill out an application on this site: