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Review on New Season of Popular Netflix Show ‘Ginny & Georgia’


Penny Moreno

The second season of the popular show called “Ginny and Georgia” was just recently released on Jan. 5, 2023. It became the number one tv show on Netflix for a few weeks and remains the current number on TV shows in the United States. I would recommend this show to anyone in highschool or older who enjoys drama shows that keep you on the edge of your seat.

Penny Moreno, Reporter

As I scrolled through Netflix a new notification had just popped up on my screen and said “Season Two of Ginny and Georgia on Netflix.” Although I was reluctant at first, I clicked on the new season and watched the recap of the last season to remind me of what had happened in the show. The show was originally released in 2021 and on Jan. 5, the second season premiered on Netflix.

I wasn’t too excited to watch the show at first because the last season was pretty cringy in my opinion, and usually for shows that I watch, I try to relate to them. Specifically shows with people in high school or something, I always find myself bothered when they make the school unrealistic and the action of the characters unrealistic. The last season was corny and unrealistic, but I finished watching it and concluded that this wasn’t the show for me. 

To my surprise, I actually enjoyed the show a lot more than I was expecting. I thought it was a bit more realistic, obviously not completely realistic, but more than last season, where the show tackled actual serious issues that teenagers face. I also really love drama shows and this season included a lot of drama and plot twists, which I appreciated.

I enjoyed the plot and the development of Ginny and Georgia’s story as well as some of the other characters’ points of view. I liked how the show goes back and forth between Ginny’s point of view and the problems that she is going through on top of all of her family problems and Georgia’s point of view. I also loved the way that the show showed more of Georgia’s background story, which eventually led her to the town that she wants to get settled in. I feel like that made me more interested and invested in the show. I never knew what was going to happen next, whether the show was talking about high school kids or serious issues. I loved that the show added serious issues like the impact of mental health on a person because I feel like people who make shows tend to stray away from important topics and keep things light hearted. I think the show could benefit many people’s mental health and also calls attention to issues that aren’t usually discussed.

The show not only discussed serious topics, but it also kept me interested the whole time. The first season was pretty boring and I disliked how they told Ginny and Georgia’s story. Unlike the first season, the second season made so much more sense with the background information and still left me on the edge of my chair. Every episode something new and exciting was always happening. I love drama shows, and I like the feeling of not knowing what will happen next in the show. So many crazy things kept happening in their lives and I was definitely on an emotional roller coaster.

I would recommend this show to anyone in high school or above because it does talk and show things that shouldn’t not be shown to younger audiences, but these issues are important to bring light to for people that might not be aware that these problems exist. “Ginny and Georgia: Season Two” was a great release to start off the new year with.