Music in the halls

Beth Rozacky

     A strange phenomenon is occurring in CPHS. Guitar riffs, drum beats, and lyrics have begun floating through the PA system between classes. During the past few weeks, music has been wafting down the hallways of the high school. Don’t worry, it’s not the ceiling trying to serenade you, the music is just the latest and greatest addition to the passing period. Already, a wonderful collection of popular tunes and 80’s rock classics have hit the airwaves.

     The music began playing on October 23, kicking off with “Hungry Like the Wolf” by Duran Duran. Rockin’ tunes like this were made possible by the prowess and collaboration of the Wolfcast staff and school administration. Cedar Park principal Ms. Spelman was the one who originally approached the Broadcast class with the idea of playing music over the intercom system.  The original idea was to use some hot jams to garner school spirit and add a positive element to the school day.

     “We started playing music between the passing periods by request of Ms. Spelman,” said Laura Sirrianni , senior member of the Broadcast class said, “ It all started with the Wolfcast playing a song between second and third period in honor of her birthday. She decided that she and the students liked it so much she wanted it to be an everyday thing. ”

     After a few weeks of initial preparation and set-up, the Broadcast team was able to make Ms. Spelman’s dream a reality. Carefully prepared song lists and air times were compiled and the music was finally able to hit the halls. With executive approval, the broadcast team prepared to make everyone’s day. 

     “It’s meant to make the students excited and pumped up between classes. It’s supposed to work like a pick me up” said Sirrianni.

     When the music first blared over the PA system students were the first to notice. However, the “pick me up” music was accepted with mixed reviews by the student body.

     “I think that it detracts from the teacher’s ability to prepare for the next hour’s class and interrupts the first thoughts of said class.” Nathaniel Stich, senior, said. “Also, it does not allow me time for reflections as I transition from one discipline to the next.”

     Some students share this sentiment and find the music to be distracting or intrusive. Others simply disagree with the musical selections. A sunnier side of the student body find the music to be an uplifting part of their day.

     “It provides entertainment during a normally dull time of the school day,” Seth Speaks, junior, said. “And the DJ is pretty cool.”

     The infamous MC for the passing period music is known as DJ J. TiBBy (the B’s are capitalized) but the man behind the music is junior James Kracht, a member of the broadcast class. James’s dulcet tones waft through the speakers after every period to prelude the music and provide some stellar entertainment.

     “I got chosen to be the DJ because out of all the auditions we recorded apparently my voice best fit the bill.” said Kracht. “But, I enjoy being DJ J. TiBBy a lot. Mainly because I get to let my funny side out and do a whole lot of other personalities.”

     There are many things to love about the music, with its uplifting sentiments and day brightening potential. However the distracting qualities and lackluster reception have put a damper on its big premier. Whether you Love it, hate it, or are completely blasé about the whole thing, the music in the hallways will probably stick around for a while. Do yourself a favor and try to enjoy it.