Rave of Roblox

Online Video Game Platform Gains Popularity Through Quarantine


photo by Jackie Reyes

A look into the Midnight in Japan Showcase game on Roblox. During the start of quarantine, The free video game platform became a new source of serotonin/distraction for many, including me.

Jackie Reyes, Reporter

Amid this pandemic, kids have been dealt with a lot of free, unoccupied time. And what’s a better way to pass the time than video games? While video games are often incredibly expensive, there is a compromise; Roblox. A free online game platform that allows users to play and create games for other users. 

During the start of quarantine, the platform’s popularity skyrocketed. The free video game platform became a new source of serotonin/distraction for many, including me. There’s a wide variety of games created by users that can suit anyone’s taste. Some of the top games on the site are “Piggy,” “Survive the Killer,” “Superhero Tycoon” and “Bloxburg.” 

A fun, easy game I recommend would be “Piggy.” “Piggy” is based around the children’s series, Peppa Pig, but with a dark twist in which you have to find keys and objects to unlock the locks and escape the map while getting chased by Piggy. After each successful escape, the game takes you along the twisted storyline until the end. 

Survive the Killer

A game that makes me anxious is “Survive the Killer.” The object of the game is rather straightforward, revive other players, avoid getting touched by the killer and escape at the end before the time limit. The part that makes it nerve-wracking is how difficult it is to revive other players without sacrificing yourself, and what makes it worse is the intense soundtrack. 

In Roblox, there is also a genre of games called Tycoons, in which a player starts at their base and builds it up using cash until the Tycoon is complete. What makes “Superhero Tycoon” so interesting is it incorporates the superheroes’ weapons into the game, which lets you fight other players. 

It brings the tycoon genre to another level by embracing the competitive spirits of players.  

Superhero Tycoon

Lastly, there is a game called “Bloxburg” in which players can build and design their own homes, work, hang out with friends, etc. The game allows players to interact and visit one another’s homes or other places among the city of Bloxburg. The focus is on the players’ creativity and skill to build their own home and wisely spend their money constructing it. By working shifts at various amounts of jobs, players can collect for building. It’s a great way to unleash your creativity and to let your dream home become a little closer to reality.