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Review Over New Netflix Show “Wednesday”


Madison Shields

The show “Wednesday” revolves around Wednesday Addams and her journey at a new school with a serial killer on the loose. The show was released on Nov. 23 and can be watched on Netflix. It’s the perfect show to watch during the fall season with family, friends or anyone at all.

Madison Shields, Editor

I’d been waiting for “Wednesday,” a spinoff series surrounding my favorite Addams Family member, Wednesday, to come out for months before it was finally released on Nov. 23. I was cozied up in bed during Thanksgiving break when the show dropped on Netflix. I ended up binging the entire show in one sitting because of how good it is, and it’ll become a show I watch every fall season for years to come.

I was pleasantly surprised with the direction that the show took. I was expecting a show centered around the Addams family’s dynamic, but was met with a show centered around Wednesday. I’ve always loved the Addams family movies as a kid, and Wednesday was my favorite character, so this show was seemingly perfect for me.

Wednesday, played by Jenna Ortega, was by far my favorite character in the entire show. Her continuous quips and dialogue, dripping with sarcasm, brought her character to life. Wednesday being dropped off at a school made for outcasts led to the introduction of new people, experiences and deaths.

That’s right. The show revolves around a massive serial murder case, one that Wednesday makes her goal to solve. Balancing her newfound relationships with the piling evidence and clues towards the mystery leads to a lot of drama. With how nonchalant and dry Wednesday’s character is, I wasn’t expecting her to have so much emotional turmoil.

Another thing I wasn’t expecting was the love triangle that formed around Wednesday. Two guys pining over her for the entire show didn’t fit the serious vibe of the serial killer mystery. I understand that the creators were trying to appeal to teenage audiences who enjoy romances, but I could’ve survived without it.

The dialogue also felt cringey at many points throughout the show. It felt as if the people who were writing the script were trying too hard to be trendy, and the characters were speaking with slang that died out many months ago. I know that’s because they filmed it months ago, but the slang wasn’t needed in the first place.

But other than that, the show was beautifully written. The plot progression flowed very easily and didn’t feel choppy at all. It’s also a hobby of mine to find plot holes, and I couldn’t find any on my first watch. I’ve rewatched this show twice since my first watch and I loved it just as much as the first time. I still haven’t found any plot holes, but I’m determined to find some eventually.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the show. I only ripped my eyes away from the screen to go to the bathroom and snack. The balance of drama and mystery was executed beautifully, and the twist ending took me completely by surprise. I was beginning to lose faith in Netflix shows because the last few I watched were disappointing, but “Wednesday” has caught my attention.

I give “Wednesday” 9/10 snaps.