“The Walking Dead” Returns

Carlie Morgan , Reporter

The Walking Dead returned to AMC the Sunday before last with a chilling, gore-filled episode. The previous season left audiences with the biggest cliff-hanger since Ross said Rachel’s name at the altar. Our favorite zombie slayers were last seen in a death lineup courtesy of new antagonist, Negan as he debated which member of the team he was going to kill with his, extremely terrifying, barbed-wire-wrapped baseball bat (say that ten times fast). Needless to say, the group took a major loss once he made his decision.

Negan, the newest villain, and his “vampire bat” Lucille pose the biggest threat to Rick and his crew this season, but aren’t the only new faces. In this most recent episode, Carol and Morgan were shown in a new community, ruled by a mysterious man called King Ezekiel. There’s also a tiger involved which is definitely worth mentioning. These next few episodes promise to be full of emotions as the crew learns to adapt to the loss of their friends and surrender to Negan’s tyrannical rule. There’s no telling how this season will play out, especially with Negan as a brand-new wild card in the Alexandria group’s lives, but there will no doubt be a fair share of zombie-slaying and angst-ridden Rick speeches. The show definitely won’t be the same without Glenn and Abraham, but fans can rest assured that this loss won’t stop our crew from kicking major zombie butt.

Catch The Walking Dead every Sunday night at 9 p.m. on AMC to stay up-to-date on the zombie killing shenanigans of Rick and his crew. but try not to get too invested in any one character. You never know when they could die.