Top 12 Things to do Over Christmas Break

Emilee Guernsey, Editor-in-chief

  1. Sleep your break away.
  2. Go with a date, friends or family to the Trail of Lights in Downtown Austin.
  3. See a light show at Mozart’s in Terrytown.
  4. Go catch up on all of your favorite TV shows.
  5. Get a massage to release finals tension.
  6. Finish or maybe start your Christmas shopping.
  7. Gorge on junk food.
  8. Steal candy out of your stocking before Christmas day.
  9. Venture out to see Lights of Tejas.
  10. Cuddle up with a blanket and hot chocolate.
  11. Get some friends together and go ice skating.
  12. Decorate a tree on the side of 620 or 1431.