A family-friendly New Year’s Eve

Addison Neely

     Christmas time is here and with the cold weather comes countless hours of shopping as well as numerous paper cuts earned from wrapping presents. Following this money swallower of a holiday is the fun-filled New Year’s Eve.  During New Year’s many students participate in activities that are not appropriate and which their grandparents would never approve of. The regret begins when they log onto Facebook and see questionable pictures posted. But I am here to present entertaining New Year’s alternatives with a more wholesome PG rating.

Main Event

     If you like activities’ ranging from bowling, rock climbing and laser tag – then Main Event is for your enjoyment. Grab your friends and family for a wholesome night of fun. Main Event stays open later just for the purpose to house all New Years Eve party goers. For all the Dick Clark fanatics out there, you don’t have to miss out on the ball drop either. They display the ball drop in Times Square on all of their TV’s. Main Event is the ultimate place to go if no other plans arise. *Required materials: Tennis shoes, socks (you definitely don’t want to wear theirs) and more than the minimal amount of upper body strength for rock climbing.


     Old school fireworks can also quench those excitement thirsts. One downside to fireworks is that they are illegal in most of our neighborhoods. But, for those who live outside city limits, this one is for you!  Just make sure you have proper supervision and the right amount of cool, dazzling fireworks. *Required materials: sparklers and roman candles. 

Game Night/Movie Night

     For all avid movie goers or World of Warcraft enthusiasts, a simple movie or game night at your place would suffice. Catch Phrase is highly recommended on these types of occasions but all other games, video and old school board, should suffice. If handling a 360 or Playstation controller proves to be too much, there is always the option of watching leftover Christmas movies from the holidays. *Required materials: Lots and lots of games, popcorn, cookie dough bites, Dr. Pepper and any other personal favorite.

Throw a Rave

     Last but certainly not least, throw a rave. Pick a swanky place, grab your friends and pick up some glow sticks and you got yourself a rave! Just make sure to eliminate all illegal substances and you got yourself a PG rave. Raves make for some awesome photo opportunities and therefore a new default picture for Facebook. You can leave your parents home on this one because it might be awkward seeing your parents rave together. Overall the rave would be a fantastic way to spend your New Year’s night. *Required materials: Neon clothing, glow sticks and killer techno music.

     This holiday season, avoid worried parents waiting patiently at home wondering about their kids’ safe return. By making the right decisions you can also avoid the guilt and regret that comes along with doing something you know to be bad. Be safe this New Years and have some good PG fun!