A Last Message From The Senior Class


A view of Cedar Park High from in front.

Carlie Morgan, Reporter

In these last few days of high school, seniors are looking back on their time here. Some with joy, some with sadness, some wishing they had the time to do all the things they didn’t get the chance to. With the knowledge the senior class has now, their underclassmen years would have been a breeze, but sadly, no one’s invented time travel yet. While the senior class may not be able to put their knowledge to use for themselves, they’re here to give the underclassmen some sage advice before they say goodbye to Cedar Park High.

“Your high school classes can be really easy or really difficult,” senior Madison Snead said. “How many AP and dual credit classes you want to load your schedule with is up to you, it all depends on how much you can handle. And never forget earbuds.”

Classes can become overwhelming as you go through your high school career. Upperclassmen have perfected handling the workload with only a minimal amount of breakdowns.

“There is a balance between stress and relaxing,” senior Paris Varnier said. “Take time for yourself, but make sure you keep up with your obligations.”

Some seniors are less focused on the academics and more concerned with making sure underclassmen have a great social experience.

“If you ever see or hear the phrase ‘Welcome to my Twisted Mind’ just keep walking,” senior Deirdre Wolf said. “And remember, no matter what you do, you’re going to regret at least one haircut.”

Quite possibly the best lesson seniors can pass on is not to sweat the small stuff. It’s only taken four years to fully learn the lesson that would have made our freshman years so great.

“Learn to not care what people think,” Snead said. “It makes things so much easier I promise. It takes time but the sooner you realize this, the more enjoyable your high school experience will be.”

In the end, high school isn’t just about grades or homework or tests. It’s a culmination of what you do here and the legacy you leave behind.

“Everything’s what you make of it, if it’s a bad day all you have to do is be positive and it’ll turn around,” senior Lindsey Buggi said. “Think about the big picture. One day is just another day of an entire year and high school is four years so you’ll get through it. It’s all just little things.”