Book Club Students host CPHS Barnes & Noble Book Fair

Avery Deen, Reporter

Usually Barnes & Noble is a relaxed environment for book lovers to sit and ponder which book to take home with them next, but on Dec.12 things will be a little different.

From 6 to 9:30 p.m., book club will be hosting the CPHS book fair. The book fair helps to raise money for our library.

“A percentage of all the in-store and online sales will go to us.” librarian Debby Barnes said. “In the store be sure to say your with Cedar Park at the check out and online you use a special code.”

Book club and other CPHS organizations will be gathered at B&N to help raise funds for the library.

“There will also be a table of “Wish List” books that the library would like to get,” book club president Ramsey Jenschke said.

These books can be purchased and donated to the library during the book fair.

Cafe purchases also count towards the grand total, so a Starbucks coffee can benefit our library just as much as a book can.

The “Name the Frapp” contest has also returned! Starbucks is once again making a special green frappuccino and students have the chance to give the beverage a name. Last year’s winner was the “Wolfpack Frapp Attack.” The winner gets their very own green frapp on the night of the fair.

“The library is very important to all of us,” Jenschke said. “And the book fair is on Friday so anyone can come support. You can never have too many books.”

If you plan to support by buying books online, use the code #11506714 in the ID box to let them know you’re with CP.