Brent Grissom is Back in CP


Emilee Guernsey

Former biology teacher Brent Grissom has come back to Cedar Park.

Emilee Guernsey, Editor-in-chief

The new school year brought a familiar face. Biology teacher Brent Grissom returned to his previous teaching position after spending a year in Hawaii. Grissom will no longer be teaching AP Biology; he will only have regular and Pre-AP for freshman.

Many upperclassmen were pleased to have Grissom back.

“He makes me laugh so much,” senior Morgan McCarthy said. “He made me so happy freshman, and I love seeing him for a minute each day because he never fails to make me smile.”

He was given the opportunity to live in Hawaii with all expenses taken care of as part of a teaching program.

“Life gives you opportunities, and you can’t be scared and always stick with the status quo,” Grissom said. “This opportunity arose, and I realized if I didn’t do it, I would look back at it for the rest of my life and go, ‘I got the chance to live in Hawaii for free and I passed it up’.”

While in Hawaii, Grissom was able to experience a different environment than in Texas.

“The weather was both good and bad,” Grissom said. “The temperature was lows in the 60’s and highs in the 80’s every day. Each month was like a degree difference. It rained everyday, but it would rain for three minutes. You would just be lying in bed, and you could see the rain coming across the ocean to you. It was neat.”

After leaving Hawaii, Grissom thought to come back to Cedar Park.

“I’ve always liked Cedar Park,” Grissom said. “I didn’t leave on bad terms, so once my stay in Hawaii ended, it seemed like a logical thing to come back to where I enjoyed being.”

There were some big differences between Cedar Park and the school in Hawaii.

“The Hawaiian school was very small with a very small number of students,” Grissom said. “The entire idea of interacting with your class and laughing and having fun is hard to do when you have extremely small classes, so truthfully I missed the CP student body and the fun that you can have.”

Grissom said he also returned with a new appreciation for Leander ISD.

“I gained a lot of respect for the quality of education given in Leander ISD,” Grissom said. “I’m very happy to be back.”