Causing a Racket

Ping Pong Club Offers Students a New Activity


Photo Courtesy of Kellen Cao

Students gather around ping-pong tables ready for a table tennis game. One of the main goals of the club is to provide a fun environment for students to relax and unwind from a busy day. “Ping- Pong club is about students with a similar passion in ping pong coming together and improving each other,” senior member Jay Kannam said. “A usual meeting consists of putting tables together and playing, and sometimes we also hold tournaments to see who has improved over the week.”

Sofya Bashirova, Reporter

The soft sound of ping-pong balls can be heard throughout the Science building as students pass by. One of the goals of Ping-Pong club is to provide a stress-free environment for students in order to promote social activity.

The club had been formed a couple years back and has made a big comeback this year after a few years off. “This club was first formed around 5 years ago but disappeared for a few years because the students that formed it graduated and there wasn’t enough interest in the student body,” science teacher and club sponsor Ms. Trueblood said. “This year it’s back with new members excited to share their love for ping-pong.”

As one of the non-academic clubs at the school, members want to ensure the club is a safe and relaxed environment, with no big commitments. Additionally, members want to strengthen their skills at Ping-Pong as well.

“Focusing on having fun and working on getting better at table tennis, we are very flexible, always prioritizing member enjoyment,” senior and club president Kellen Cao said. “We focus on coming together with other students interested in ping pong and improving each other.”

The club also wishes to emphasize the importance of ping-pong in developing physical strength. Members are guided on improving coordination and reaction skills, and are tested to check their progress.

“I hold the position of a physical and strength coach,” senior member Jay Kannam said. “My job consists of helping develop the students’ wrist strength and ability to play against aggressive players, which can later be put in play at the tournaments we eventually hold to see who has improved over the week.”

Students interested in joining the club can attend meetings every Monday after school. Relatively little skills or experience are required to join the club, as the club aims to offer exposure and foundational skills for ping-pong.

“Anyone who wants to try ping pong, or has been playing for years, or anywhere in between, should definitely consider joining our club,” Norton said. “As a whole it’s really just a chill place to hang out and have fun, as well as to meet people from different skill levels and a common passion for ping pong.”