Comic Con: to fandom and beyond


Madeline Jordan

Junior Marian Herring poses with fellow cosplayer at Austin Comic Con. Many convention goers were dressed in Marvel costumes that day, Herrings and her friends included. “I cosplayed as Black Widow,” Herring said. “I also bought a Loki helmet keychain.”

Avery Deen, Reporter

Many students attended the Wizard World Comic Con at the Austin Convention Center on Oct 2-4, including junior Katy Stevenson.

“I went with a group of 10 friends,” Stevenson said. “We all got separated, but still had lots of fun. We saw and posed with a life sized TARDIS.”

Stevenson and her friends were excited to pose in front of the TARDIS because its the famous time machine from their favorite tv show, “Doctor Who.”

One member of Stevenson’s group is junior Marian Herring. This was Herring’s third Con. She loves cosplaying, or dressing up like a popular character, and seeing all the amazing merchandise.

“It was epic, there were nerds as far as the eye could see,” Herring said. “My favorite thing was walking around seeing all the cosplays and talking to people.”

Even though no one in Stevenson and Herring’s group met a guest star, they still enjoyed their experience meeting fellow fans at the convention.

“We didn’t meet anyone famous but we did meet some really cool cosplayers like Spider-man, Deadpool and the Doctor,” Stevenson said.

This was also junior Madeline Williams third convention, and she greatly enjoyed going to panels and seeing her favorite actors.

“I met some awesome cosplayers who I talked to about anime,” Williams said. “It was great because we all goofed around and had a great time.”

At the Con, a slew of unique and interesting merchandise from every fandom, or fan base, can be found. Most of the time even obscure fandoms are represented at at least one vendor.

“I bought a lanyard with a Pikachu on it, along with a few pins,”  Stevenson said.

Many students enjoyed a day filled with fandoms, cosplay and celebrities.

“I loved getting to meet all the cool people and walking around the booths,” Williams said. “I’m definitely going next year.”