Creative and cute ways to get a date for prom

Tiffani Randolph

     How Matt Wofford asked Beth Rozacky:

     “Matt invited me over under the pretense of playing video games. After kicking my butt at Mario Kart for fifty rounds I gave up and wanted to leave but he stopped me and handed me a huge box. It was really heavy and inside was a huge chocolate cake with a flower on top. He had written ‘PROM??’ in glitter letters on the flower. It was really cute and obviously well planned which I appreciated. I said yes.” – Rozacky.

     How Tyler Edwards asked Coley Padgett:

     “It was Tyler and I’s six months (May 5) and we were at the dodge ball tournament that Thursday night. Tyler’s team had played two games already, and after their second game the whole team came over to the stands where I was sitting. They lifted up their shirts one by one, each having the letters P-R-O-M-? on their tummies. Immediately I ran down the stands to hug him.” -Padgett.

     How Kevin Nguyen asked Becca Sims:

     “I wanted to ask Becca Sims to prom and since we were both in Broadcast, I decided to use that to ask her. On a day we were both hosting , I made a plan to surprise her during taping and had some of the Broadcast class help. I had the director, Sarah Solorio, make it seem like we messed up and needed another take so that I could put my plan into action.  As we started rolling again Amit Sharma held up a sign and changed the teleprompter to say “Will you go to prom with me?” She was really shocked because she had no idea what was going on but she eventually said yes.” – Nguyen