Diabetes, allergies, and dragons. Oh my!

Avery Deen, Reporter

There is an abundance of clubs here at CP, we have everything from a knitting club to a lacrosse team and a film club to an automotive club. This year three new clubs have been added to the repertoire: the Dungeons & Dragons club, the food allergy support group, and the diabetes support group.

The two new support groups were both started by the school nurse, Karen Daniels. Both clubs meet in the library, the food allergy group on the first Tuesday of every month and the diabetes group meets on the first Thursday.

“I started these groups because some of these students were concerned they didn’t have the provisions they need,” said Daniels. “I wanted to create a place where they could get together and problem solve.”

In their meetings, the groups not only talk and provide counsel to one another, they work to establish new ways to make it easier for the school to provide for them. The food allergy support group is currently working towards getting a microwave installed in the cafeteria so that they can bring food that meets their dietary needs from home and heat it up to have a warm meal once lunch time rolls around. The group is also attempting to start up a food drive to provide food for the homeless community who have dietary restrictions.

“We want to start a gluten-free food drive for the homeless because some of these people are unable to get the food that they need because when people donate to them they usually supply pasta or other foods that have gluten,” Daniels said.

On the other end of the spectrum, a more entertainment based club is the Dungeons & Dragons, or D&D. The club was started by junior Darby Doran and sponsored by science teacher Allison Trueblood. Dungeons & Dragons is a tabletop role-playing adventure game in which players create a character and then as a group they go on a campaign, a quest to achieve a certain goal with challenges that are somewhat pre-decided.

“I had never played D&D before I started the club and I figured I would never get to unless I made a group for it,” Doran said. “We want it to be a group that anyone could join and play in easily.”

The group meets every Monday in Trueblood’s room, S101.

“For now we are just working on creating characters and we will start our first campaign in a few meetings,” Doran said. “Right now the club is mostly people who are new to the game so we’re trying to sort of walk everyone through the steps.”

If you want to learn more, you can attend the upcoming meetings:

Dungeons & Dragons club on Nov. 2

Food allergy support group on Nov. 3

Diabetes support group on Nov. 5