Door Always Open

StuCo, Past Biology Students Express Appreciation for Adam Babich


Deana Trautz

Stuck on a physics problem, junior Emma Weddell gets help from Biology teacher Adam Babich. She decides to go to him over anyone else. “His classroom is safe and has a happy atmosphere,” Weddell said. “He has helped me through the years with the most difficult homework.”

Deana Trautz, Reporter

Four classrooms sit in the back of the science building in a plain and white tiled hallway. In one of them is a Game of Thrones-loving biology teacher that makes the time for his students’ well being. Adam Babich creates a safe environment out of his room where students can come to talk, de-stress and realize that no matter how lonely one feels, there is always a biology teacher there to help.

This year is Babich’s sixth year teaching at Cedar Park. He teaches Pre-AP as well as AP biology and also sponsors the school’s student council. Even for those who have not had a class with him, he has made an impact on the high school itself, whether it be helping set up Homecoming or leading the biology department. Junior Emma Weddell looks up to Babich as a mentor and says she can go to him for anything.

Weddell had Babich as a teacher for pre-AP biology freshman year. Though room S109 has not been in her schedule for two years, she has continued to go to him for anything, including chemistry, physics, math or even English.

“I always find myself doing other subjects homework in his classroom,” Weddell said. “If Babich didn’t know the right answer, he would spend his own time figuring it out and explaining it to me.”

To Weddell, the most important quality of a teacher is approachability- one of the main reasons she goes to Babich before anyone else. She said he will often stop what he is doing and with no frustration, write all over his whiteboard until the topic makes sense to her.

Babich is definitely someone I could confide in about anything.

— Kaitlyn Orr

“When asking Babich a question he never makes you feel dumb,” Weddell said. “He truly cares if you understand the answer or not.”

For those moments where school becomes too much to handle, Babich’s door is almost always open. Along with core classes, junior Kaitlyn Orr is involved in soccer and says how sometimes she just needs somewhere to go to relax. She said that for her, Babich is her go-to.

“Babich is definitely someone I could confide in about anything,” Orr said.

She has gone to him not only needing school help but with personal trouble as well. Orr agrees that unlike most of the teachers she has had, he makes an effort to build a connection with all of his students.

“He understands how stressful being a teenager in high school is,” Orr said. “No matter what, Babich is always free to help you with anything because he knows the importance of mental health.”

A rare sight when it comes to rank and GPAs- Orr said that Babich makes sure to remind her to take a step back and to confirm that she is okay before anything.

“His room is definitely one of the safest places in the school,” Orr said. “He has made me a better person by paving the way to both good organization and mental health.”

Senior Katelyn Gaus has known Babich all of high school, having taken his AP bio class and being in StuCo for four years. Gaus considers him one of the most important people of whom she looks up to and describes the teacher in three words: kind, hardworking and trusting.

“Babich has always been there for me, and he is one of few adults I feel like I can go to about, honestly, anything,” Gaus said. “He has high expectations, yet he is laid back and allows room for you to make mistakes and grow.”

Speaking of room, Babich’s is decked out with gear from his favorite show, “Game of Thrones.” In fact, even his mice are named after characters from the HBO show.

“He is into ‘Game of Thrones’ like no one I have ever met before and his room reflects his love for this show,” Gaus said. “Because of this, his room is very welcoming and open and I always go there to hang out or to get help with anything school or family related.”

Senior Daniel Williamson admires his teaching style which revolves around students giving feedback and Babich ensuring that he teaches them to his best ability.

“I think the thing that sets him apart is his judgment,” Williamson said. “He is always fair with his students as far as what he expects and is unafraid to admit if an assignment should be revised.”

Gaus said how grateful she is for having Babich by her side through these four years.

“He has helped me through so much throughout all of high school,” Gaus said. “I have been so blessed to have gotten to know him over the last four years.”

Williamson reflects back on his time spent with Babich while enrolled in multiple biology classes as well as StuCo.

“Babich has to be my favorite teacher of all time and deserves far more credit than he receives,” Williamson said. “He is a steadfast guy and I truly respect the way he approaches his job.”