Holiday foods revealed

Amanda Weston

     The holidays are remembered by many as a time to enjoy family, gifts and delicious food. Unfortunately, most holiday favorites such as turkey, potatoes, cookies and eggnog are extremely unhealthy, especially when eaten in excess. While the average person only requires 2,000 calories a day, the normal holiday meal and party can contain hundreds more than the daily limit. After the winter holidays are over, New Year’s celebrations and Valentine’s Day can add more sugary foods to the already unhealthy menu. Extensive exercise is required to burn off these extra calories, so abstaining from sugary or fatty foods is advised especially during and after the holiday season. However, you can still enjoy sweet treats by switching out junk food for healthier options, such as chocolate-dipped strawberries at 48 calories each instead of chocolate truffles with 239 calories each. There are also many recipes available that substitute fattening ingredients for healthier ones. Afterwards going for a walk to enjoy the winter air or spend time with your valentine can burn off calories from that box of chocolates. However the best way to maintain a healthy diet during the holidays is portion control. By eating consciously and smartly, hundreds of excess calories can be avoided. Spring break is just around the corner after all.