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Graphic by Morgan Kasel

When searching for a great hangout spot, Cedar Park has many restaurants and parks to offer. Places like Mr. Boba, Yaghi’s, Milburn, and Panera all provide an environment that’s relaxed and student-friendly.

Morgan Kasel, Reporter

Cedar Park is full of restaurants and drink places located on almost every street. Places like Milburn, Mr. Boba, Panera and Yaghi’s are some of the ones that can often get crowded with groups of students who are relieved to be out of school and with their friends.

Located right across the parking lot from Shakes, Mr. Boba, a drink shop known for their smoothies and teas with boba on the bottom, has become a favorite for students like sophomore Jared Drager, who enjoys going every Friday after school.

“I enjoy going to Mr. Boba because it tastes really good and it is a fun and nice environment to hang out in,” Drager said. “My favorite drinks are either the mango smoothie with mango boba or the strawberry smoothie with strawberry boba.”

When compared with other drink or coffee shops, Drager said that Mr. Boba is the better option.

“It has a large selection [to choose from],” Drager said. “And because there are other things than coffee, it is better than Starbucks or other coffee shops.”

Although it may not be located as close to the high school as Mr. Boba, Panera Bread off of Lakeline Blvd is still a popular place for students who are searching for a quiet work environment with tasty drinks and pastries. Junior Victoria Rodriguez said that she enjoys Panera because it is a nice place for her to work on homework.

“I just started going to Panera this semester because I enjoy changing up my work environment,” Rodriguez said. “I like going because it is a quiet and spread out place with great food. My favorite thing to get there is the strawberry banana smoothie with the Fuji apple salad.”

Rodriguez said she believes that Panera is a good place for students mainly because of the healthy variety in food.

“I think Panera is a good spot for students because it is spread out and the food is actually pretty healthy,” Rodriguez said. “Plus, they offer a wide variety of food so you can get coffee and breakfast one day then tea and a salad the next.”

Unlike Panera, Yaghi’s New York Pizzeria is only a five-minute walk from the high school. This pizza place serves giant slices that can be perfect for a high school student’s giant appetite. This is one of the reasons junior Ofer Turjeman said that she enjoys bringing her friends to the small restaurant.

“I like how it’s a small place where I can sit on one side of [the restaurant] and my friends can sit at another,” Turjeman said. “We [can] still talk without yelling at each other.”

Turjeman said that Yaghi’s is the better choice for a slice of pizza compared to other restaurants because of the large serving you get for the price.

“I like how their slices are big and so you don’t need more than two slices to feel happy,” Turjeman said. “Any other places give you small pieces as if you are on a diet.”

Elizabeth Milburn Park offers multiple spaces that can be used for swim meets, basketball and soccer. For sophomore Anya Van Arnam, she said it is also the perfect place to hang out with her friends after school.

“I enjoy going because it’s close to places like Shakes and Mr. Boba where my friends and I can get snacks and talk,” Van Arnam said. “There [are] also lots of areas to sit and walk with friends.”

Van Arnam said that she believes Milburn is a great place for students who enjoy being outdoors with their friends.

“I think it’s a good place because there are many places to sit and walk,” Van Arnam said. “It is also a beautiful environment to exercise and play ball.”

Whether students want to relax with friends, or are just searching for a quiet environment to do homework and study, these spots could offer options for everyone.