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The student newspaper and broadcast of Cedar Park High School

The Wolfpack

The student newspaper and broadcast of Cedar Park High School

The Wolfpack

Morgan Kasel

Morgan Kasel, Assistant Editor

Morgan Kasel is a senior and this is her third year on the Wolfpack staff. The majority of her free time outside of school is spent playing soccer, reading or watching her favorite professional team, Atlético Madrid. She loves writing about people's experiences in life, as well as creative short stories for fun. Her dream school is Gonzaga University in Washington and she plans on studying kinesiology and journalism. She hopes to continue on to graduate school for physical therapy. She is passionate about languages and writing and plans to travel during and after college. 

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Focusing on the path in front, senior Meghan Wilcox competes at the state track meet on May 7. Wilcox participated in multiple events, including 200m and long jump, and placed third in the 100m. “The 100m [has] always been my favorite,” Wilcox said. “It’s always pushed me to perfect my running and push myself to my top speeds. It’s also just a lot of fun to run that fast since you can’t maintain top speed past a 100m.”

Track Trek

May 18, 2021
Holding their flags, the color guard performs in the gym. Although the varsity team did not make it to finals this year, according to senior color guard member Bolt Gonzalez, the color guard was able to overcome many challenges, including virtual competitions. 
“We are all [in] guard to learn new things and be challenged so we are happy with the progress we have made this year,” Gonzalez said. “It sucks a little not having in-person competitions and performing in a mask is difficult at times but we can still be together and, to me, that’s what counts.” 

The Show Must Go On

April 29, 2021
Standing together, the Varsity Mixed Choir poses in a local chapel on Jan. 18 for their ACDA performance. After submitting their blind recordings, the choir was chosen to perform ACDA, which will hold a virtual convention on March 18-20. “I felt super excited and honored,” senior Sydney Solberg said. “Mrs. Holt had previously mentioned that it was one of her biggest dreams to perform at ACDA, so I knew it was a big deal and it was going to be a once in a lifetime experience.”

Singing Proud

March 1, 2021
Looking to the side, senior Sydney Poulsen extends her leg while en pointe at the Celebrities holiday show on Dec. 13. This performance was the first time Poulsen had performed while en pointe in two years. It was fun to be able to perform en pointe again,” Poulsen said. “I also loved getting to wear my old tutu because they are super pretty. It was definitely difficult to perform because I had a tiny piece of marley and I [couldnt] travel as far as I normally would. Overall though, the variation went super well and I felt strong on pointe.

Celebrities Winter Show

February 1, 2021
Setting the ball, sophomore Dylan Gilkey jumps in the air to prepare the ball for her teammate. Cedar Park competed against Georgetown on Sept. 29 and won the game with a final score of 3-1. The team was 12-2 in District, but lost to Dripping Springs in the Playoffs. I think that this season went really well because we all came together as a team and strived to do our best, whether it be [at] practice or a game,” Gilkey said. “I love playing volleyball because of the team aspect; I think it’s so fun perfecting your craft with your teammates and laughing with them along the way.”

Fall Recap Slideshow

January 12, 2021
Holding her bridal bouquet, Biology and Environmental studies teacher Shawntel Lopez poses during her wedding on Nov. 14. A few months in advanced, Lopez asked students in Floral Design to create the arrangements for her wedding day. “I always knew I wanted to incorporate students into the wedding in some way,” Lopez said. “When I met Ms. Butler and she told me her goals for the class, I jumped at the opportunity to have the Floral Design Class involved.

Academia in Bloom

December 18, 2020
There are many benefits that come with learning a second language, both in school and in the job market. However, students in the U.S usually do not start learning a second language until high school, whereas in many European countries, students begin learning as early as the age of 6.

Brain Boost

November 24, 2020
After completing applications for multiple universities, choosing which college to go to can be difficult. However, there are plenty of resources and tools, such as a spreadsheet, that can make the decision easier.

The Challenging Choice

November 18, 2020
In honor of Halloween, members of the 4-H Toastmasters club hold a virtual costume contest. The club was created over two years ago with the purpose of helping students improve their public speaking skills. “Our club is best known for its warm, friendly and accepting environment,” junior Ruchi Sankolli said. “We emphasize kindness towards our members and advocate for constructive criticism and improvement for our members. We strive for this kind of environment because a lot of people who join us are nervous and sometimes afraid to speak out, so maintaining this environment is important.”

Speak Up

November 2, 2020


October 16, 2020


October 16, 2020


October 16, 2020
Wearing one of her three character outfits, junior Katie Smith poses in the Snow Queen costume. Smith first came up with the idea for a party princess business in March and quickly began the process of creating the character costumes and the budget. “My favorite thing about going to theme parks is interacting with the characters and having conversations with them,” Smith said. “I realized that that’s something I could bring to the kids right here in Cedar Park so I immediately started planning.” 

Where the Magic Begins

September 11, 2020
After competing in many competitions this year, senior Jeffrey Morphis poses with his awards from FFA. Morphis competed in multiple categories, including Entomology, Chapter Conducting, FFA Quiz and Swine Skillathon. 
I really love Entomology, Morphis said. “It’s a lot of fun going through a room of bugs and being able to differentiate between a Viceroy butterfly from a monarch. It’s also kind of fun to get reactions out of people when you tell them you’re on the bug team.”

Farm to Future

May 1, 2020
Playing the role of Michael Banks, freshman Ben McDanald performs during his eighth grade year in theatres production of Mary Poppins. McDanald has enjoyed acting and singing ever since he was little. [Being on stage] is exciting, McDanald said. The moment before you start, its the worst. Youre so anxious and youre so nervous. And then as soon as the lights go up and you start, then its fine. You just have to leave everything out on stage.

Ben Onstage

April 1, 2020
Senior Lindsey Elfred and junior Nixie Buettner, along with other students who received rewards from the Scholastic Competition, pose on Jan. 31. Elfred received a gold key for her sculpture as well as an American Vision Nominee. “I thought it was pretty cool,” Elfred said. “I didn’t expect it. Just thought I would submit something this year, [I] didnt really have my hopes up. So I’m pretty proud of myself that it went at least that far.” 

Works of Heart

February 17, 2020
Sophia Matthys

Sophia Matthys

February 3, 2020
Jacob Ford

Jacob Ford

February 3, 2020
With student choice sheets around the corner, students have the chance to pick classes that fit their interests and hobbies. While Cedar Park has a vast option of classes that students can take, there is the option to take  courses, like Cosmetology and Autotech, at different campuses. “I took cosmetology because I prefer to work with my hands and to actually do things than to sit in a classroom all day,” junior Sophia Matthys said. “I am also not sure whether I am going to attend college or not so if I don’t go to college I will always have a career option.” 

Cross Campus

February 3, 2020
Elizabeth Waits

Elizabeth Waits

February 3, 2020
Copresident junior Reese Parker and club member junior Ashlyn Mathew gather supplies for a project during a Fashion Club meeting on Nov. 11. Parker created the club earlier this year with copresident senior Katherine Ng. 
“I started fashion club earlier this year because I really love fashion and I wanted to organize an opportunity for students who have similar interests,” Ng said. “I thought it would be a fun way for students to express themselves using fashion in an easy going and inclusive environment.”

Fashion Forward

November 22, 2019
Senior club president Nicole Jensen and senior vice president Conner Gillmore lead the club in a game during a meeting on Nov. 11. After the previous Anime club disbanded a few years ago, Jensen and Gilmore decided to create the club last year in order to bring together fans of the Japanese-style art. We decided that, since some people really enjoy Anime and its kind of a niche community here at our school, we decided to make a club, Gillmore said. Not only to have fun, but to also provide a way to give those people a place to have fun and enjoy themselves. 

All About that Anime

November 18, 2019
Sophomore Tamara Eslava practices fencing at the Texas Fencing Academy. Eslava began fencing a few months ago after she was inspired by the Three Musketeers movie. At first I was kind of scared thinking I would never get the hang of [fencing] but [now], Ive been practicing and practicing [and] Im not there yet, but I think I am good enough, Eslava said. What made me keep going was my own goals. I want to at least do a sport and if its not a school sport, [then] an after school sport. I want to push myself to try new things and fencing was one of them. 

Straight to the Point

November 12, 2019
Photo by Morgan Kasel

Stage Parents Slideshow

October 21, 2019
Senior Faith Elliott and junior Izzy Castillo make bracelets for Rwanda during den on Sep. 17. After her trip to Rwanda last year, Elliott decided this year to bring with her handmade friendship bracelets. They are such an uplifting, happy community [in Rwanda], Elliott said. They love knowing that other people from across the world, like the kids, are thinking of them and making bracelets, thinking of them and for them. They love anything that came from the U.S. 

Bracelets for Rwanda

October 2, 2019
Club president senior Loree Morin and treasurer and secretary junior Efrain Vera III pose with club members junior Sarah Lailson and sophomore Alfred Morin during Meet the Timberwolves on Aug 22. Morin created the mermaid club this year in hopes of promoting the importance of community service. Ive been really into mermaids for a really long time and I thought it would be fun to apply my interests and share [them] with other people and allow them to discover how much fun it is, Morin said. I really want to share [the club] and use it as a way to promote conservation. 

Swim and Service

September 23, 2019
Andrea Medoro

Andrea Medoro

September 6, 2019
Ronja Bosy

Ronja Bosy

September 6, 2019
Stella Grispo

Stella Grispo

September 6, 2019
Juniors Stella Grispo, Andrea Medoro, Nele Stoetzner and senior Ronja Bosy all abandoned their comfort zones when they left their home countries and came to the U.S. The four exchange students will be spending the entire school year in Texas. “When I was younger, it was always my dream to live one day in the U.S,” Stoetzner said. “My neighbor [spent] one year in Australia and she told me a lot about [the exchange program]. I wanted to do an exchange to the U.S for the experience and to improve my English [and] to meet new people.”

Above and Abroad

September 6, 2019
FFAs floral team poses at the state competition on May 3. Entomology got 19th place out of 61 teams and floral got 37th place out of 1,113 teams. “I am very proud of how we did at State,” member Callie Hobbs said. The state competition was the hardest competition that we had been to by far, so I am thrilled with our ranking.”

FFA to State

May 9, 2019
Senior Jordan Deyo dangles upside down at the Cedar Park Police Department during COOL Week. Deyo plans to join the Air Force, and said that she eventually hopes to become a police officer. My grandmother was in the military, specifically the Air Force, which is what I want to go into, Deyo said. And Im in a law enforcement family. Being in that environment just got me really interested in [the military]. My end goal is to be a police officer, and that would give me a lot of experience as well as help pay for my college in the future and give me a very strong foundation to where I want to go.

Air Force Ahead

May 7, 2019
Junior Addy Bates poses with her trophy after being named Bowler of the Year, before getting second during the state bowling competition. My freshman and sophomore year I went to State but I didnt really get to practice as much outside of school, Bates said. This year, I was ready to go to state. There would be sometimes after work, Id go straight to the bowling alley and practice until 11 p.m. Everyday when I had the opportunity, or even sometimes when I didnt have the opportunity, Id be up there practicing because hard work beats talent every time.

Livin’ on a Spare

April 29, 2019
Marvel released their new superhero movie on March 8. The movie follows the story of a girl trying to master incredible power in the middle of a galaxy-wide war.

The Power of Marvel

April 3, 2019
Donny Ott, head coach of the girls basketball team, prepares the varsity team before a game. Ott became the head coach almost three years ago and said that in his years of coaching, Cedar Park has proven to be a school full of dedicated students. 
“The kids are amazing,” Ott said. “I think that there is such a high expectation to be great at everything at Cedar Park.

Committed Coaches

April 2, 2019
Through the Pulsera Project, the Spanish Honor Society is helping support artists in Central America by selling colorful, handmade bracelets and purses.

The Pulsera Project

March 5, 2019
Sophomore Reese Parker rides her horse during a day of practice. She first started horseback riding when she lived in Virginia, and has been practicing the sport for 11 years. 
The way you feel, like [when] my ears pop whenever I jump, Parker said. There is no way to describe it unless you have done it. It is the overall feeling that makes you feel so amazing. Galloping across a field at sunset, bareback, is something that cannot be described in words.

She’s Got Horse Power

January 30, 2019
Sophomore Anya Van Arnam displays her award after a summer of writing and sharing poetry at Badgerdog Creative Writing Summer Camp. She began writing in eighth grade and after attending the camp, decided to publish four of her pieces. I came in there thinking that I was terrible at poetry, Van Arnam said. I thought I was the worst poet alive, then I started doing some exercises, writing off of some prompts and gradually my poetry became better to where I actually enjoyed it a lot.

Writing With a Purpose

January 17, 2019
Mary Poppins Returns, staring Emily Blunt and Lin-Manuel Miranda, was released to theaters on Dec. 19.

Mary Poppins Returns

January 10, 2019
Robin Hood, starring Taron Egerton, was released on Nov. 21. Director Otto Bathurst  added a few unique twists to the original plot and characters.

The Man in the Hood

December 3, 2018
Junior Loree Morin poses in her mermaid tail before school on Oct. 23. Morin said that she has always wanted to be a mermaid and became a mermaid instructor at Aquamermaid School in Austin in September. Whenever youre in a tail and youre swimming, you just feel so beautiful and super excited, Morin said. For me, the big reason I want to be a mermaid is to inspire people and to make kids smile.

Make a Splash

November 20, 2018
Reading a poem, sophomores Hailey Allen and Hailey Gross participate in English II pre-APs Workshop Coffeestop in the lecture hall on Nov. 14. At the event, students read their writing to an audience and had the chance to give and receive feedback via sticky notes. I think that it is an amazing way to make my writing better, while helping my classmates around me, Gross said. I love reading other peoples writing pieces and seeing what others have to say about mine. It makes me feel like a real writer.

Workshop Coffeestop

November 15, 2018
Club president senior Patrick Engle and junior Loree Morin posing with two other club members during their meeting after school on Monday, October 22nd. Morin joined the Harry Potter club at the beginning of this year. Everyone really made me feel welcome [at] my first meeting, Morin said. My inner nerd cried with joy when I found out what the clubs activities were.

Next Stop, Hogwarts

November 6, 2018
When searching for a great hangout spot, Cedar Park has many restaurants and parks to offer. Places like Mr. Boba, Yaghis, Milburn, and Panera all provide an environment thats  relaxed and student-friendly.

Just Around the Corner

October 25, 2018

Book Worms Take the Lead

September 27, 2018
Sophomore Giselle Muniz moved from Venezuela to Texas only two years ago. She compares her old home to her school and life here in Texas.

Venezuela to Texas

September 7, 2018
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