Little Women Movie Review

The Classic Story Lives on in Modern Times


Photo by Morgan Kasel

Based on the classic tale by Louisa May Alcott, “Little Women” was released on Dec. 25. With a well-known cast and heartwarming plot, the new movie brought the classic tale to modern times.

Morgan Kasel, Reporter

A classic tale demonstrating the importance of family and determination, “Little Women” was first published in 1868 and the book’s popularity was spread through the production of movies and tv-shows, and the publication of multiple sequels by author Louisa May Alcott. Now, more than 150 years later, the story continues to inspire modern audiences with a new movie that was released on Dec. 25.

“Little Women” follows the story of the four March sisters, Meg (Emma Watson), Jo (Saoirse Ronan), Amy (Florence Pugh) and Beth (Eliza Scanlen), and their journey through self-discovery. Although I have not seen any other versions of Little Women, it was easy to tell from the tear-stained faces in the audience and the excited chatter after the movie that this version was a favorite. With a well-known cast, including Timothee Chalamet (Laurie) and Meryl Streep (Aunt March), each actor was uniquely suited for the role they played and helped add a creative outlook on the classic story.

Despite an overall great experience, there were a few minor parts of the movie that took away from the storyline. Throughout the entire movie, the scenes switched back and forth between the present and the past. At first, the sudden changes were confusing, especially since they appeared to happen randomly and without transitions. However, eventually the entire story began to come together, and the scene shifts were not as distracting. While this was a creative approach by the director, I personally found the story hard to follow each time it switched between the past and the present.

Growing up reading and watching Harry Potter, I have always been a big fan of Emma Watson, and Meg was easily one of my favorite sisters, along with Jo. However, every actress who portrayed a March sister was phenomenal in depicting the heartwarming plot and fully portraying the vastly different personalities. It was easy to emotionally associate with each character, especially the passionate and determined Jo.

Along with great characters, “Little Women” highlighted the best, and the worst, parts of growing up, creating a very heartwarming plot. Each sister eventually found her own way and happiness in the world without forgetting the importance of family and the innocence of childhood. Overall, the plot did an amazing job showing the power of self-confidence and determination, as well as family.

With an admirable cast, effective storytelling and an interesting plot, “Little Women” was a wonderful retelling of a classic tale and is easily one of my favorite heartfelt movies. I give it a four out of five books.

“Little Women” is rated PG. You can see the movie at Alamo, Cinemark or any movie theater near you. 

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