The Power of Marvel

Marvel Comes Out With New Superhero Movie, Features Strong Female Lead, Overall Great Cast


Graphic By Morgan Kasel

Marvel released their new superhero movie on March 8. The movie follows the story of a girl trying to master incredible power in the middle of a galaxy-wide war.

Morgan Kasel, Reporter

Throughout the years, Marvel has introduced new, amazing superheroes through adventurous and hilarious movies. On March 8, they released their newest movie, “Captain Marvel.” The movie tells the story of a girl learning to control great power, as well as discover who she is and what she’s fighting for.

The movie starts off by introducing the main character, Vers (Brie Larson), the war she is fighting in and the alien creatures that she is fighting against. At first, not much is revealed about the enemy aliens, only that they have been taking over different planets. Vers believes in what she is fighting for, but with no memory of her past, this is not a very hard thing to do. Despite every assumption I had made at the beginning about the aliens and Vers’ past, the ending turned out to be the perfect plot twist.

Directors Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck (“Mississippi Grind” and “Sugar”) did a great job at keeping the audience in the dark. Using foreshadowing, they were able to hint at certain parts in Vers’ past throughout the entire film without giving away the whole backstory until the right time. This gave the movie an interesting timeline and helped develop the main character even more as her history slowly became known.

With aliens who can shapeshift into anything and a main character who cannot remember her past, no one was who they seemed to be. Friends proved to be enemies and enemies, friends. However, despite her terrible predicament, Vers proved to be a strong female lead. She didn’t let her past choices affect her decision when choosing which side to fight for. In the end, Vers was able to become the superhero she was meant to be; Captain Marvel.

For the most part, Larson proved to be a good actress for the role of Captain Marvel. That being said, there were moments in the movie where she didn’t show enough emotion to accommodate the current situations. While the strong, warrior female lead was great during fights, it was hard to connect with Larson’s character during her times of struggle. Problems from her past didn’t really seem to affect her.

As expected with any Marvel movie, the balance between humor and fighting was perfect. Vers was quite the sarcastic character who knew how to put others in their place. Of course, with Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) adding to the mix, along with other known characters, the audience was laughing throughout the entire movie.

Despite the time difference between “Captain Marvel” and most of the other Marvel movies, the ending tied everything together and helps lead up to the new movie coming out, “End Game.” With great characters, an interesting plot and the perfect amount of humor, I give this movie four out of five stars.

The movie is rated PG-13 and lasts for two hours and five minutes. The movie is playing nearby at AMC Lakeline, and the Alamo Drafthouse