The Man in the Hood

New Movie, Robin Hood, Brings Old Characters Back


Graphic by Morgan Kasel

“Robin Hood,” starring Taron Egerton, was released on Nov. 21. Director Otto Bathurst added a few unique twists to the original plot and characters.

Morgan Kasel, Reporter

Bows and arrows. An arrogant sheriff. A vigilante risking everything to restore peace in his city. The story of Robin Hood is a familiar one, retold many times through the screen with different directors adding their own twists.

Directed by Otto Bathurst, the new movie Robin Hood stars Taron Egerton and was released on Nov. 21. For the most part, Bathurst stuck with the same characters and the same plot, however, there were a few differences compared to some of the older versions of Robin Hood.

Maid Marian, played by Eve Hewson, continued to be the main love interest. In the original stories, Marian is the cousin of King Richard, the rightful ruler of Nottingham. King Richard is never seen in this movie and is not referenced as Marian’s cousin. Instead, Robin of Loxley is a wealthy lord who catches Marian trying to steal one of his horses. Robin is infatuated by her beauty and they immediately fall in love, sharing his mansion until Robin is drafted into the Sheriff’s crusades to fight in Arabia.

John, played by Jamie Foxx, was the parallel to Azeem, played by Morgan Freeman in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves (1991), and the character Little John found in most of the original stories. In this new movie, John decides to devote his life to the cause of restoring Nottingham to order to bring peace back to his home in Arabia, choosing to make Robin of Loxley his partner.

There were a few things I did not like about this movie. For starters, the outfits did not fit with the time period. During one party scene, many of the wealthier women are seen dressed in modern attire, with some, including Marian, even wearing heavy eye make-up. The language was also very modern for the era. Both the dress and the language took away from the time period in which the story was set.

I enjoyed the movie mainly because of the characters. Yes, Robin Hood was the typical hero that everyone wanted to root for, but it wasn’t just because he was the main character. Robin’s backstory, from how he met Marian to his time spent as a crusade, really added to his character, portraying him as this selfless man fighting for what he believed was right. Throughout the beginning of the movie, Bathurst is able to fully create a hero that I wanted to cheer for and believe in.

Overall, I would give this movie three out of five arrows.



The entire playing time is one hour and 56 minutes and it is rated PG-13. There are multiple action scenes and a little bit of foul language. See this movie at Alamo Drafthouse, Cinemark or any local theater.