Meet and Greet: Coaches

Jake Herrick, Reporter

With the new year comes the welcoming of new hires. These are some of the new coaches who are now working at Cedar Park.

The new Bible study teacher Beau Barksdale has also been recently added to the list of football coaches.

Q:What is your favorite memory of your high school?

A: Beating the top ranked team, Lake Highlands, in the state game.

Q:What is your ideal student?

A: Someone who takes pride in their work, and is responsible and respectful to others.

Q:Do you have similar teaching methods and coaching strategies?

A: No, no I’m much more laid back while teaching classes.

Q: What was your favorite class in high school?

A: I should say history, but Spanish was by far my favorite class.


Tyler Farst, another new football coach and teacher has entered his first year of teaching here at CPHS.

Q: What are you teaching?

A: World geography.

Q:Have you received any formal higher education, if so in, what area and from where?

A: Yes, University of Nebraska

Q: Did you personally participate in any extracurricular activities in high school?

A: Football and baseball

Q: What is your favorite movie ever?

A: “The Book of Eli”

Q: And what is your “ideal student?”

A: Somebody who takes pride in their work.