Mums 101

Lauren Kriss, staffer

MUMS, MUMS, MUMS are all girls seem to be talking about this close to homecoming. This tradition is largely observed on campus, and although we all make them, no one seems to know a lot about them.

According to the Mizzou Alumni Association, the first ever “Homecoming” game was played by the Missouri Tigers and the Kansas Jayhawks, one of the biggest college rivalries in all of college football, at Mizzou in 1911. Before, the two teams played at a neutral location, usually in Kansas City, but a new NCAA regulation required all games to be played at a collegiate field. Worried there would be a small turnout, the Mizzou athletic department decided to throw a parade to attract spectators and called it “Homecoming”. This one event gave rise to several southern traditions, including mums.

According to Dallas floral shop “Plush in a Rush”, the first ever mums were fresh white chrysanthemums, given to a girl by her boyfriend. These flowers were eventually replaced by more durable silk flowers. The silk flowers were the vehicle for the extravagant mums worn today.


How to make a mum

1)      Get your materials, then get carried away. Lights, whistles, chains, beads, teddy bears, glitter, charms, there is no such thing as too much.

2)      After shopping, cut a cardboard circle the size you want your flower to be.

3)      Next, cover the circle with thick ribbon, and staple or glue it on.

4)      Next attach five ribbons of one color. Repeat with another color.

5)      Now, glue on a second circle and start your next layer. The ribbons attached to this circle should be decorative, fabulous, as well as personal. GO CRAZY.

6)      Also, attach any whistles or bells to this layer, so you can effectively annoy everyone during math class.

7)      Wait to glue on your last cardboard circle. First cut 2 inch ribbons and fold them into a cone and hot glue it together, this is the actual “mum”.

8)      After you’ve assembled your mum, attach it to the cardboard circle using glue. When the mum is attached to the base you can glue the base to the rest of your mum.

9)      The final step is to add any other personalized touches to the main flower.

10)   You’re done! Just remember to watch out for doorway, stairs, desks, backpacks or any other hazards.