New Faces of CPHS

Transfer Students Share Their Thoughts After Arriving At New School


Kieren Garner

Sitting outside the science building, juniors Kat Kelley and Jonathan Mound hang out before first period. Kelley is a transfer student from Rouse High School and said she was surprised how easy it was to make friends when she got here. “I expected to not meet many people at first and keep to myself,” Kelley said. “But I have actually met many people and I feel very welcomed.”

Kieren Garner, Reporter

Some students here have only ever experienced schools off of Cypress Creek, but for others, this year may be their first year as a Timberwolf. Transfer students can come from any part of the world, country or state- they could even be transferring from just across town.

Junior, Kat Kelley- transfer student from Rouse High School

Due to some conflicts at her previous high school, Kelley decided to become a Timberwolf.

“I needed a fresh start with new people,” Kelley said. “I expected to not meet many people at first and keep to myself but I have actually met many people and I feel very welcomed.”

Kelley said that during her short few weeks here, she has been having nothing short of a pleasant experience.

“Teachers are a lot nicer and here we have better teachers,” Kelley said. “Teachers care about students learning, and the atmosphere is a lot more accepting and not as judgemental.”

Junior, Grace King- transfer student from Saint Dominic Savio Catholic School

King said that a big reason she came here was because of the classes offered by the school.

“I came to Cedar Park for more opportunities,” King said. “I knew that I was going to be able to pursue my dream in fashion design.”

King said that there was one obvious difference here compared to her previous school.

“The sports here are way more competitive unlike my old school,” King said. “Kids care a lot more about them.”

After making friends, King said that she has not been disappointed in her short experience here.

“I had a lot of expectations and I felt like it was going to be impossible to find new friends but I have so many new friends,” King said. “My expectations were completely met.”

Junior, Jonathan Mound- transfer student from Vista Ridge High School

Mound is not a regular transfer student. On A days, he is at Vista Ridge High School, and on B days Mound is in advanced culinary. While he came here not knowing anybody, Mound said he has made friends easily.

“I’ve made a lot of friends so far,” Mound said. “Everyone I’ve met has been really nice.”

Even though Mound has not been at the school long, he said that he has noticed a few things about the school. 

“The teachers are all very helpful and it’s easy to find resources for assignments,” Mound said. “At Vista, you don’t see teachers caring as much and here it’s easier work.”

The school’s culinary program has Mound eager to be a part of the program.

“We haven’t been able to cook yet but I’m excited for us to start,” Mound said. “I’m hoping to learn new techniques for cooking and make new dishes.”

Mound is taking culinary to pursue his passions of cooking. After he graduates, he said that he wants to go to college for culinary so he can eventually start his own restaurant.