The student newspaper and broadcast of Cedar Park High School

The Wolfpack

The student newspaper and broadcast of Cedar Park High School

The Wolfpack

The student newspaper and broadcast of Cedar Park High School

The Wolfpack

Flags Up, Stanced Down, State Cup and State Bound

Cason Johnson, Reporter May 2, 2024

A subtle melody breaks the air as the crowd waits in anticipation. Without warning, flags fly gracefully through the air in a flurry of color and madness. The crowd can’t look away as the Winter Guard...

Hands flying up and down the bass clarinet, Giovani Lang-pale belts out a tune within the confines of his personal practice room. “Its incredible,” Lang-pale said. “The feeling, the feeling that you feel whenever youre like, okay, I did this. Nice. That was good. Now I have to think about this. Okay, Im doing this. Look over there. Look at this. Its really cool to have your brain be able to process so many things simultaneously while youre running. Youre marching. Youre playing. And its really hard to. Which is what makes it fun, you know?”

Gio-Logical Legend

Cason Johnson, Reporter March 12, 2024

Silence fills the room as order of the judges, who stare across the room at the standalone figure. The player clutches his instrument close to his chest in anticipation, the instrument composed of a series...

Hands lightly strumming the strings, senior Frank Song performs at a competition in China with his acoustic guitar in hand. Song has been singing for three years, accompanied by six years of playing guitar. “I value the impact of the music the most,” Song said. “Shawn Mendez is definitely one of the most inspirational musicians I know when I was starting to learn guitar and singing.” Photo courtesy of Frank Song

Heal Them with Music

Cason Johnson, Reporter March 6, 2024

The crowd falls silent as the hands hit the strings. The music slowly becomes louder and louder for the audience. The distractions and worries disappear from senior Frank Song’s mind, and the only thing...

Echo is a short TV series about a deaf Native American assassin who tasks herself to discover the secret behind her extraordinary ancestral gifts, while trying to fall her uncle’s empire in the process. Graphic by Cason Johnson

Sight of Sound

Cason Johnson, Reporter February 16, 2024

I was lazily scrolling through Disney+ for something to binge on a late Monday night. I realized that Marvel had released a brand new original series titled "Echo." The star of the show was Maya Lopez,...

Olivia Rodrigos newest album, GUTS was released in September. in All 12 songs included were rated from 1-10, and attached is my favorite lyric from each song. Graphic created by Kacey Miller

Cason’s Controversial Album Review

Cason Johnson, Reporter November 7, 2023

Olivia Rodrigo’s new album "GUTS" has made quite a name for itself, mainly because I have to be reminded of “how good it is” every single day by my Olivia-Rodrigo-enthusiast classmates. Eventually...

Microphone in hand, sophomore Grayson Levee records his voice for his next song. Levee has put together seven different orchestral covers, his longest longest piece is a “Star Wars” tribute titled “The Force” lasting 7 minutes and 15 seconds. “During the school week, I don’t compose very much due to homework and other after school activities, but I would say I spend two to three hours each weekend working on composing mainly orchestral pieces, although sometimes I enjoy simplicity, so I write a piano piece,” Levee said.

Shooting for Superstar Status

Cason Johnson, Reporter October 25, 2023

Silence fills the PAC, followed by anticipation. The first few notes echo behind closed curtains, steadily getting faster and faster. The curtains slowly open revealing the master behind the melody, sophomore...

Holding up the DECA Diamond hand symbol, DECA advisor Kimberly Stapleton poses with all of her students at the Texas Collegiate DECA State Conference in March. At the competition, seven of her students advanced to the International Career Development Conference, including seniors and eventual national champions Ethne Barnes, Paisley Schalles and Claire Poulter. “We have done integrated marketing campaigns for the past three years,” Barnes said. “Weve gone to ICDC in all three of them, but this year we placed first in the whole thing, so its kind of surreal. Its kind of crazy that weve been doing it for three years and last year we didnt even place in finals, and now this year we were literally first in the world.” (Photo Courtesy of Kimberly Stapleton)

A Staple of the Past

Anthony Luparello, Reporter May 22, 2023

Communication, problem-solving and teamwork are just a few of the skills students demonstrate in DECA, a student organization whose mission is to prepare emerging leaders in hospitality, marketing, finance...

Standing in front of a group of trees, senior Camden Michalek poses for the camera. Attending the Savannah College of Art and Design this fall in Savannah, Georgia, the FCCLA President plans on majoring in Architecture with a possibility of minoring in Interior Design. “Im really looking forward to just honing my skills in the industry and also meeting new people and just getting outside of Austin,” Michalek said. “Ive lived here my whole life and Im ready to see the world and see where I can go from here.” (Photo Courtesy of Camden Michalek)

Beyond the Design

Anthony Luparello, Reporter May 11, 2023

Taking in one last deep breath, he stands confidently in the brightly-lit room, with his hands grasped in a firm fashion, beginning to speak with confidence and personality to the audience about his team’s...

Standing in front of Buckingham Palace in London, England, freshman Arthur Ce smiles as he holds a mug depicting the late Queen Elizabeth II. Alongside the mug, Ce is also holding onto his familiar chicken satchel. [The chicken bag] mostly makes people laugh, but I also think I look pretty good in it, Ce said. Last year at the high school banquet, my friend Annie had this really cool chicken purse, so as a joke, I asked her to buy me one, but during the summer, she actually did get me one. (Photo Courtesy of Arthur Ce)

The Curious Case of Arthur Ce

Anthony Luparello, Reporter February 15, 2023

Before he leaves his house, he slips on his Willy Wonka jacket, slides his geometric shaped glasses onto his face and grabs one of his three chicken bags. Coming into his first year of high school,...

Getting Verified

Anthony Luparello, Reporter January 27, 2023

Since the age of seven, I have been so fascinated by creating videos in order to tell engaging stories, a passion that I have to this day. While a ton of fun, something that I’ve always yearned for was...

Mobile Maker Magic

Anthony Luparello, Reporter December 5, 2022

An app where Masterclass meets Duolingo, a search service for clean and safe bathrooms and a crypto-currency exchange software. These are only a few of the apps that students in the Mobile Makers program...

The comedy-drama, “Amsterdam”, directed by Oscar-nominated David O. Russell was released on Oct. 7, 2022. The story follows along three friends who find themselves the primary suspects of a murder, and have to find a way to clear their name while uncovering a worldwide scandal. Although the movie features an excellent, all-star cast with beautiful visuals to coincide, I felt that the movie was very predictable with lackluster writing that didn’t favor its extensive runtime. (Movie poster courtesy of 20th Century Studios)

An Afternoon at Amsterdam

Anthony Luparello, Reporter October 19, 2022

After another busy day of schoolwork and reporting, my friends and I decided to celebrate the week by going out to get sushi and watching the newest movie in theaters, “Amsterdam.” Considering the...

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