The Curious Case of Arthur Ce

Freshman Discusses Hobbies and Unique Clothing Style


Photo Courtesy of Arthur Ce

Standing in front of Buckingham Palace in London, England, freshman Arthur Ce smiles as he holds a mug depicting the late Queen Elizabeth II. Alongside the mug, Ce is also holding onto his familiar chicken satchel. “[The chicken bag] mostly makes people laugh, but I also think I look pretty good in it,” Ce said. “Last year at the high school banquet, my friend Annie had this really cool chicken purse, so as a joke, I asked her to buy me one, but during the summer, she actually did get me one.” (Photo Courtesy of Arthur Ce)

Anthony Luparello, Reporter

Before he leaves his house, he slips on his Willy Wonka jacket, slides his geometric shaped glasses onto his face and grabs one of his three chicken bags.

Coming into his first year of high school, freshman Arthur Ce has already started to make a name for himself with his unique clothing style. 

“Truth is, [my fits] don’t have that much deep meaning to it,” Ce said. “It’s mostly just, ‘I think this is funny, so I’m going to do it’ and it makes me feel good.”

Ce has many hobbies, such as playing video games, riding his bike and acting, but was recently inspired to take on video production.

“I have to thank my friend Reid,” Ce said. “He introduced me to so many different things such as Broadcast and multimedia production, which got me really inspired to further pursue editing and creating videos. My favorite thing about it is mostly the people because they are really funny and cool, and then the editing, which looks great when you finish it and see all your clips together once you finish it.”

Aside from media production, Ce has also worked in various theater productions as both a technician and actor, such as Cedar Park Middle School’s production of “Newsies,” where Ce portrayed lead villain Joseph Pulitzer. 

“Playing Pulitzer in ‘Newsies’ was very nerve wracking,” Ce said. “That was my first role and it was already a lead and I never sang before, but once I got on stage, it didn’t feel that bad. I just went for it and it was a really good experience overall. It’s fun to just be able to do it and it feels good, plus it also blends with acting which I also like to do a lot.”

Going into high school, Ce participated in the high school production of “Big Fish,” where he worked in the costume crew.

“I was mostly the errand boy of the costume lead, but by the end I got to do a lot more work backstage,” Ce said. “My favorite part was probably during tech week, when I got to shoot the ‘BANG!’ sign out of the cannon. However, compared to acting, it felt really different to not do anything on stage ‒ I’d say I enjoy acting more because it’s more fun to sing, dance and speak lines.”

Ce has also taken a heavy interest in acting and voice performing, taking inspiration from actor Keith David, who voiced characters such as Dr. Facilier in “The Princess and the Frog” and the Flame King in “Adventure Time”. 

“I like Keith David because of his voice and his energy,” Ce said. “He’s been in almost every single animated movie or show I’ve seen ‒ he’s such a good voice actor and I want to be like him someday.”

In addition, Ce has worked with freshman Reid Cummins on several video projects where he both acts and voice performs. 

“My favorite thing about Arthur is his creativity,” Cummins said. “He figures out how to make things funny, and whenever we make video projects together, he is able to make it comedic and entertaining and I’ve never seen anyone like him- from his hair, to his glasses, to the way he dresses, he’s not someone you can replace. He’s able to express himself and lets his creativity, personality and imagination come through.”

One project in particular that Ce and Cummins have worked on is a series titled “Acidi Lore”, a show where Ce plays a series of different characters in overcrossing storylines.

“The best part of filming ‘Acidi Lore’ was the characters I got to play,” Ce said. “I got to perform a bunch of random characters such as Dr. Microwave, who was very static and who I got to do a lot of fun bits with.”

Beyond high school, Ce aspires to be a voice actor someday, and said that he hopes to become the next Donald Glover if he were to make it big. 

“If I were to describe myself in one word, I would say curious,” Ce said. “I’m kind of unpredictable sometimes, mostly because of what I wear, what I do, but also because of, like, what I say or how I feel. However, I just really want people to be in a good mood when they are around me because that’s my favorite part about doing what I do.”